The Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) have recruited Kevin Rolland and Yu Na Kim. This is their appearance holding hands with the 2012 Mascot Yoggle outside the Olympic Museum.

shlxthneth asked:

"Bill! He called me oh wormy one! I mean, really!? Even Yog is doing it now!?"

"Hey it’s just a thing. I’m a Dorito, you’re a worm, Yoggle-boggle is an emotionless seven foot mountain, Nylar is an eight foot pimp with no eyes, and Cthulhu is a squid."

anonymous asked:

ff+ yog

"Yoggle Boggle,

 Yoggle Doodle.

 Yogsie Boo


 Yoggle Doodle Dandy


This person has an uncanny knack for my dialogue- and Yog’s… it weirdly accurate and I don’t know how this makes me feel…”