30 Day Fitness Challenge

Phew! My favorite fitness blogs? This might be hard, just because I’m picky. These are in no order whatsoever 

Love life, Irie Always :)

• I have a terrible back and practicing yoga can be tough sometimes. One of my favorite stretches to warm it up is this wall stretch • // Push your chest against the wall, get as close as you feel is comfortable for you. Suck in your belly and let your chest hang there. Press your pelvis down then lift your spine away from your waist keeping your butt and legs relaxed and reach as high as you can. To safely get out of the pose, come on to your knees and bring pelvis back. Then end in a child pose! 

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Day five: Who or what inspires you?

Not only do I inspire myself, but my boyfriend is incredibly supportive and inspiring. He helps shape me into the best I can be.

Also, I have a bunch of people online and from tumblr that inspire me everyday! These people include but are not limited to:

Also Cassey Ho and her blog! That’s about all I can think of right now.

Love life, Irie Always