My power went out randomly today. At like, 7:30 right after dinner. We didn’t get power back until around 8:30 and FPL dismissed it as an equipment malfunction as a result of Tropical Storm Debbie.
Debbie is on the other side of Florida.
Anyways, we lit candles and got flashlights and I plugged my phone into my dads laptop to charge. Then I went and got some board games and made my parents play yahtzee with me because I didnt remember how to play it. Basically like we were holed up during a hurricane.
Yahtzee was fun. I lost, but it was fun.
Unfortunately it set back my yoga practice to almost ten because after playing yahtzee I had to wait for my sister to relinquish the Mac, and then search for a yoga video to do. Because of the lateness I decided to do something more relaxing and settled in withhamstring stretch/hip opener video by the adorable Yogadinosaur :) I love her videos.
And then I hurriedly took a shower, called my man, and talked until five minutes ago about stuff. I’m off to bed now :) goodnight lovely people!

I love yoga

So after I don’t know, about a month not really exercising, I just did Yogadinosaur's beginners stretch and strengthening video and am now making it a challenge to get through all the beginner videos and become amazing at those poses, because I want to know what my body can do plus I’ve seen some amazing scorpion poses which I can’t wait to try even if I face plant. 

A little at a time and I will get there….

On another note me and my boyfriend might be going swimming this week, yay as its really cheap for students so might as well pass the time with something healthy. 

Ciao Vee xx

yogadinosaur replied to your postHoly pretzel, I am dying.

Life story. I’m right there with you. We can lie on the floor together.

acciocutebutt replied to your postAdded a new link.

You could make a password protected progress blog, if it makes you more comfortable. That way you can monitor who sees it :)

@Abi - I’m glad someone feels my pain. I am currently lying on my hardwood floor, guzzling water.

@Anna - I don’t want to feel like I have to hide myself from the people in my personal life. Fitness/health is a part of my life, and this blog is a significant part of that. I want to share my progress and feel proud. Stuff anyone who judges me for it. :) Thanks for caring though. <3