In honor of @beachyogagirl I thought if I couldn’t be on a #beach I’d make a beach feel haha day 4 of #maytheforcebewithyogis and I have improved, I do this better than last time I tried this and lotus pose was a bit easier than before! Love #yoga and hope to be a good #yogi like the ones who I look up to and strive to be #yogaawesome like!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” …or standing on only your head in the snow with some help from a tree:) Thank you to the entire IG yoga community for your continued inspiration and helping me move beyond my comfort zone:) #
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Day 5 - …thinking my timed photo skills might need more work then my!! Actrally did accomplish a full straight tripod handstand multiple times..just not in the 9 seconds the camera gave me:) So.the second part of today’s challenge was to share a photo of what makes you happy besides Yoga. There are so was hard to pick…but I try not to revert to the typical kids, pets and spouse…so I’m going to have to go with my work and art. I started a business last year using repurposed wood (barn board and pallets) making inspirational and custom hand painted signs… and although I’m not an amazing artist .I fins such joy in creating things That inspired and make people happy:) @elvinnoriega @captainambria @cosmicgirlyogi
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I’ve always been captivated by #yoga but for many years lacked the courage to believe I could be a #yogi and #yogaawesome and than I found a challenge one day and tried the few #poses and I like the feeling in my #body after! Ever since that day I have been in love with #yoga and I’m glad for my #yogini who #inspire me to grow in myself and my yoga such as the beautiful ladies in #yogainspace and though I am no where near to thier flexibility and just well awesome! It’s something that I can strive for! :) #thankyou #yogaeveryday day 5 😃👍