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I have a lot of upcoming workshops and retreats throughout the Netherlands, India, New Zealand, Bali, Indonesia and Hamburg, Germany. Interested? Details available on my website!

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9/9/14 Kundalini yoga class - SHAKTI


Today I had my second class with Melissa. Basically this weekend I had a very transformative experience finding shakti within myself. I didn’t previously know what shakti was and as I was having the experience I didn’t fully understand it. So I sent Melissa a quick text saying thats what I wanted this class to be about and now it looks like that is all we will be focusing on. I loved our class today more than any other class i’ve been to. I feel so connected with shakti.

Good things do come from third wheeling

A couple of months ago I read this thing, that got stuck in my head as a rationale as to why I felt that being in a relationship can be toxic, it said,

"… Traditionally, yogic training involved deferring the tantric practices of sexual yoga/marriage until such time that sexual self-mastery had been established, whereupon sexual union is considered to be the ultimate yoga of Shiva and Shakti.

Brahmacarya for yogis, as stated in the Agni-Purana, embodies self-imposed abstention from sexual activity: fantasizing, glorifying the sex act or someone’s sexual attraction, dalliance, sexual ogling, sexually flirtatious talk, the resolution to break one’s vow, and consummation of sexual intercourse itself, with any being.

Married practitioners aspire likewise to abstain from unconscious/harmful sexual behavior, and to meditatively practice sexual yoga (as opposed to ego-centered sexual release) with their partner, but must practice aware chastity with regard to others.

Modern science now understands that such a code of sexual conduct is also organically assisted by neurochemical changes in brain states of intense meditators (reduced dopamine and increased oxytocin) that induce general relaxation and mental stability, and is not sheerly by willpower alone…”

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//Las imágenes arquetípicas de lo eterno femenino en el inconsciente de un hombre, que forman un vínculo entre la consciencia del yo y el inconsciente colectivo, abriendo potencialmente una vía hacia el sí mismo //