I’m sharing this because it’s fascinating, insightful, and maybe will help someone find the help they need down the line.

So today I got to take a look at the x-rays that were taken of me last week at the chiropractor’s office. Quick summary up to last week: I had a spasmodic episode at the end of the summer in which many of my joints locked up, muscles spasmed, and terrific pain ensued. I saw a primary care physician, internist, orthopedic surgeon, and a rheumatologist. No one could come up with a diagnosis. I was sent to physical therapy, which provided short-term relief but no cure nor further insight. 

Fast-forward to this past week. My sister suggests I see her chiropractor and I don’t see why not. They take x-rays and do a brief preliminary adjustment. My symptoms abate by 50%. Today I went for my second appointment and we went over the analysis of my scans. 

First picture, top left: This is my neck. See how straight it is? That’s bad. I’ve lost 100% of the curvature in my neck. People get this from looking down too much, ie. for me = text-neck + studying 24/7. You need the curve in your neck for shock absorption. You see those series of holes toward the back of my vertebrae but before the spikey parts shooting out the back? Those holes are where nerves leave the spinal cord. Improper alignment means those nerves are being squeezed between the vertebrae. 

Second picture, top right: This is my lower back and lumbar region of my spine. It has lost 60% of its curvature. Same deal as the other picture. The nerves leaving my spine are being squeezed. 

Third picture, bottom left: This is my chest, head on. The first thing you’ll notice is the way my spine is curving to one side, resulting in my right shoulder being higher than my left. This was induced by the compensatory action of my back muscles.

Last picture, bottom right: This is a chart correlating the areas of the spine to the areas in which the outgoing nerves enact control and regulation. ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS FROM THE PAST SEVEN MONTHS align perfectly with the problematic areas from my x-rays. 

In summation: Not only has the vertebra in my neck entered phase 2 arthritis but none of this would have gone noticed or even treated by the conventional routes of medicine typically available for and recommended to the average person. This experience has taught me a lot about the science of healing and the state of medicine in our country.

Everyone was telling me my symptoms must have been lifestyle induced. I wasn’t eating enough, sleeping enough, or I was generally too stressed. Listen to your body and don’t take insight from people who speak from speculation. This is the kind of area where preventative medicine needs to be developed. 

Namaste, my friends. In the physical world, health is indeed the greatest wealth. 

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