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i love you and your writing so much you are honestly the best and a gift okay ily and could I request something where the reader writes for the local paper and has to interview someone as SFIT for a story and wo w is that robotics major who agreed to an interview cute

As you looked down at your note sheet, you could feel slight heat rise up in your chest. You knew who you were interviewing, in fact, you knew him quite well. He couldn’t say the same about you though, seeing as you only knew about him because of the crush you had on him in high school. But you always seemed to go unnoticed in his eyes. The only reason you managed to get an interview with him for the school paper was because all the rest of the robotics majors backed out last minute, and a classmate of yours, Honey Lemon, offered Tadashi right away.

So, that was that. You didn’t argue against her offering, though you wish you did because you weren’t sure you could even mutter a hello to him. Clutching your notepad close to your chest, you walked a bit faster, wanting to get this over with. In and out you told yourself like a mantra. There’s no need to linger around him for longer than needed, what you felt for him before isn’t there anymore. You shut your eyes, took a deep breath in and sat down in the small cafe across the street from the school, waiting patiently for Tadashi to come around so you could get your questions answered and run home before he gave you another reason to develop feelings again.

“Hey, sorry (Name)!” He’d arrived, setting his book bag down before almost literally throwing his broad body down in the metal chair. “I didn’t make you wait too long, did I? My new project wouldn’t shut down properly and I had to…” He rambled, coming to a slow stop when he actually looked at you, a small wave of pink hitting his tanned cheeks at your near stoic expression. “Sorry.” Tadashi cleared his throat, “We can start…”

You looked at the questions you had jotted down and started with the first one, pressing record on the tape recorder. “When did you realize you wanted to be a Robotic’s major?”

Tadashi looked at you and pondered that question for a while, “Well, my little brother Hiro… Has always been interested in Robotics, and kinda to set his way in life, I took on a liking for it as well? It started off that way, and then I realized… How many people are saved and how many people enjoy the things that robotics can bring to the world, so I decided to major in Robotics… I want to help people and this is a reasonable way to do so.”

“What do you do outside of school? Any hobbies? Sports? Music?”

“I played baseball for a couple of years,” Tadashi muttered, “But, I got kicked off of a lot of teams because of my lil bro… Piano for a few years, but that stopped… When my parents passed away…” He paused, “But, I do like to spend a lot of time with my friends. Gogo, Honey, Wasabi and Fred. They’re great people.” You could feel slight jealousy rise in your chest at the mention of his friends. 

You cleared your throat. “How do you manage a life outside of school when your major takes up a considerable amount of time?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend, if that’s what that question is implying,” He said to you, “My friends are here at school, so I spend time with them while I work. My little brother has already graduated high school, so I don’t really have time for anything or anyone else outside of school.”

You sat your pen down and looked at him, “What kind of life is that?”

“What kind of question is that?” He retorted.

“No romance? What so ever?” You said quietly, “I mean, even with one of your friends? I know Honey is gorgeous and I don’t know about any of the rest of them—.”

“No romance.” Tadashi said sternly, “I let myself feel for someone once and it didn’t end the way I wanted, and being the selfish person I am, I hate it when things don’t go my way so I vowed to stay out of relationships for a while.”

You sat back and took a deep breath in. “That’s all.” Gathering your things, you stopped the recorder, stood up and began walking out.

“(Name)!” He jogged after you, “Hey! You only asked me three questions! That can’t be enough for an article—”

“I’m not going to write it,” You said, “I’m emotionally intrigued in this and that isn’t good for a well written, unbiased piece.”

“What do you mea—”

“Leave me alone.”

“Y’see, this is why things didn’t go my way in high school!” He said loudly to you, “You have this habit of pushing people away when they get too close to you! Y’remember, we used to be friends! And if you don’t think so, we were at least acquaintances. I don’t know what happened, but one day, you just shut me out and didn’t accept me.”

“Because you never showed the slightest bit interested in someone like me!” You snarled, “You were so focused on everything else around you, that I, as your acquaintance, had to wait for your attention, but I never got it! What makes you think I want it now, almost three years later!?”

“I never paid attention to you because I really liked you!” He clenched his jaw as you stepped back, never seeing him get this defensive over a subject before.“I didn’t know how to approach you, so I sorta went about my life and watched you from afar.”

“Then it’s your fault things didn’t go your way.”

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“¿Qué opinas de mi voz?”
preguntó sin saber que a esa melodía
le he dedicado ya varios besos
y que me ha provocado ya varios desvelos.

“¿Qué opinas de mi voz?”
preguntó son saber que nerviosa me ponía
escuchar palabras de su boca
y solía también esa voz volverme loca.

“¿Qué opinas de mi voz?”
preguntó y no supe si responderle podría
pues ese sonido me hizo temblar
y me costaba poder contestar.

—  unahistoriadeversos
Queridos amigos :)
  • He llorado por quién no debía y he reído con falsas amistades,
  • He tropezado dos veces con la misma piedra y cuando pensaba que ya no lo haría más, me empujaron y caí estampada con la tercera.
  • Han habido veces que me he despertado con ganas de comerme el mundo
  • y otras que parece que el mundo me comía a mi.
  • He abrazado a la persona que pensé que nunca me haría daño y me he dado cuenta de que esa persona no se merecía ni el roce de mi piel.
  • Ha habido días que me sentía Genial y otros que no quería ni mirarme al espejo.
  • He descubierto que el paraíso puede encontrarse en el tacto de una piel suave,
  • que las caricias son más fuertes que los golpes y que los besos pueden hacerte volar.
  • He disfrutado de pequeños detalles, y he aprendido poco a poco en qué consiste la vida.