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es-solounafelicidadtemporal asked:

23-Estás en el consultorio médico y te han informado que tienes aproximadamente un mes para vivir. ¿Qué haces? A) Le dices a alguien/todo el mundo que vas a morir. B) Disfrutas al máximo el tiempo que te queda de vida. C) Te matas antes de tiempo.

a y b, yo creo:/.

-| Chapter 6 |- Part 2


“Where is she? Where is she?” I heard the sounds of Liz’s frantic voice from a distance. Hoping up from my seat I rusted over to Shad and Liz. “H-Hey guys..over here.” 

“Oh my god Chris what happened?” Liz gasped as she held tightly onto Shad’s hand. “I don’t know. I came home and found her unconscious and bruised up.” I explained. 

“Oh my…” Liz gasped holding her hand up to her mouth. 

“I swear when I find the motherfucker who did this to my wife…their ass is dead you hear me. DEAD!” I hollered, punching the nearest wall. I’m so angry that I didn’t even feel the pain I caused to my fist.  

“Yo B, chill alright. I feel yo pain, hell if some shit like that went down with Liz I’d be livid too; but you gotta keep your head for Danielle andd Jojo.” Shad consoled. And he was right, I can’t act like how I use to back in the day. I gotta family and a son who looks up to me. I can’t lose myself now. 

“You right man” I sighed. 

“Speaking of Jojo where’s teetee’s baby?” Liz asked rubbing on her semi-showing baby bump.  “Luckily he’s over my mama’s for tonight.” 

“If you want he can stay with Shad and I..you know until Danielle comes to and  in a better condition for him to see her.” Liz mentioned. “I appreciate that Liz but I can’t put that burden on you gu-” 

“Nonsense Chris” she interjected, “ You guys are family. It’s at least we can do for you.” she stated. 

“Yeah man, besides we love having Jojo around. Gives us a chance to practice” Shad chimed in. I couldn’t ask for better friends like Liz and Shad, they forever have Danielle and I’s back.  

“Aight man.” 

Sitting in the lobby with Shad and Liz, I from time to time checked in with my mama- letting her know what’s going on and everything. 

Mama: Have you heard anything yet baby?

Me: Nah mama and this shit is starting to piss me off. I been here for 2hrs and they have yet spoken to me yet. 

Mama: Keep your head up son, Danielle is a strong woman & god is watching over her and you. My dani will make it. Keep faith <3

Me: I’m trying ma…how’s jojo? did u tell him? 

Mama: He’s had dinner, a bath, and now sleeping in your old room & no i haven’t told him. I felt like that’s something u need to do. 

Me: Thanks mama…for everything. Love U 

Mama: No problem baby, anything for you. Love you too. 

Sliding my phone back into my pocket the doctor finally decided to come out. “Excuse me are you the family of Danielle Casey?” He asked tucking his pen behind his ear. “Yes I’m her fiance” I stood up. 

“And you guys are?” he asked, looking behind me. 

“I’m Liz her sister and this is my boyfriend, her brother-in-law.” Liz spoke. The doctor nodded. “Okay well sir I have good and bad news..” he trailed. 

“Okay, spit it doc” I spoke, fearing of what could possibly be the bad news. “Just to clear your heads, the good news is Danielle is doing fine. She’s in some pain from the beating she endured and there’s some swell but she’s up and aware” He informed. I silently thanked god. 

“And the bad news?” Shad chimed in. “Yeah doc what’s the bad news?” I added. The doctor sighed before placing his hand on my shoulder. “The bad news is she had a miscarriage due to the psychical beating” the doctor announced.   Danielle was pregnant? With my second child?  

“Whoaa hold up, hold up, hold up. You’re telling me she was pregnant?” I quizzed. 

“Yes sir, I’m guessing you didn’t know.” I shook my head. I took a seat and buried my face into my hands. How come she didn’t tell me she was pregnant? I can’t believe she was pregnant again with my seed, and now I’ll never get to meet him or her.  

“Chris are you okay?” Liz asked placing her hand on my back. I cleared my throat and nodded, “ Um y-yeah I’m good. When can I see her doctor?” I asked. “You can see her now if you like, she was asking about a Chris though” he said. 

“That’s me” I replied. 

“Oh perfect, yeah so um you can head back there now. If you go down this hall and make a left her room is the third room from the window down at the end of that hall” He instructed. I nodded before looking back at Shad and Liz. 

“No worries man we’ll be right here if you need us” He mentioned throwing his arm around Liz. Turning around I made my way to Danielle’s room. 

- - - - 

Standing outside of her door I took a deep breath before entering. Slowly opening the door there was my baby curled up in a ball with her knees to her chest. Just seeing my baby look so weak and helpless killed my heart. “Danielle?” I softly spoke walking in. 

“Chris” her voice cracked. You tell she was tired. “Hey baby” I smiled pulling a chair to the side of her bed. I watched as her eyes started to water up, “Baby don’t cry” I whispered placing a kiss on the back of her hand. 

“I was pregnant Chris” was all she said before she sobbed uncontrollably. I hated seeing my girl so broken up like this. I know I probably shouldn’t ask this, but I need to know. I held my head down, “Did you know about the pregnancy Danielle?” I asked.  Danielle pulled her hand out of mine, “God no! I would never keep something like that from you and you know that. “ she spat. 

“Okay you’re right, chill baby. I just had to ask…I can’t believe it” I spoke. 

“I can’t either” she replied. “Where’s Josiah? I-I-I don’t want him to see me like this” she worried fixing her hair and sitting up in bed. “Relax baby he’s over my mother’s for the night and Liz and Shad volunteered to watch after him until you get your strength.” I admitted. Danielle nodded. 

“Chris can you lay with me?” she pouted holding out her arms . Getting up I pulled back her hospital blanket and scooted in. Wrapping my arms around my woman, she laid her head against my chest and held on to me tightly. 

“I was so scared” she spoke up. “Shh it’s okay baby, I know” I tried to console her. I could feel her tears soaking up my shirt, and I didn’t care one bit. I placed a kiss on the top of her head and gently rubbed her back. I was grateful that nothing else happened to my baby, even though the miscarriage was a big slap to the face. I’m just glad I’m with my lady and she’s okay. 

Whoever did this will pay, and I’ll make sure of that.

What do you see? What do you think is our enemy?