yo bros

brendon urie, in true white boy fashion, begins and ends every sentence with “yo” “bro” “man” and “dude” while drunk

anonymous asked:

Yo bro, for my Xmas present from you can you share your white balance settings please? whats a good setting for all around shooting to night shooting? thanks brotha, And merry christmas! - _meowing


happy late birthday sleii! dave is three sheets to the wind.

I just woke up, still in my pyjamas and my friend Casey called me and said “Do you want to say hi to Andrew Scott?” And I was like “….what. Yes?! EXCUSE ME??!” AND THE NEXT THING I KNOW I’M FACETIMING WITH ANDREW BLOODY SCOTT! 

My friend took this photo of me and Andrew on Facetime, I was too in shock to take my own photos (Andrew’s face would be bigger than mine in my photos DAMMIT) BUT OH MY GOD?????!!!!!