I’m super bored.

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This will probably go much longer then just an hour but still ~ 

Nothing will get deleted! I’ll answer them all!!

I’ll even add a random (or perhaps relevant) gif with my answers ~ uwu

Let’s do this!!! <3

anonymous said:

yo. anon. theres a difference between being "biromantic" and "bisexual." –romantic is your dating preference. –sexual is the gender youd like to fuck.


anonymous said:

So if you allow me to take said agent, use it on a few people here and there, Sciency reasons, there will be lots of cakes for you my friend.

Ahh, that sounds so amazing! So amazing, that…*makes anon sniff the stuff* That I’ll absolutely REFUSE.                                                                          



why in this world are the people most capable of opposing the titans the only ones given the priviledge of avoiding them entirely? how do you think it got to be such a farce? maybe it’s just human nature? Point is, I can’t even pretend to be stupid enough to play soldier in this insane world

anonymous said:

If I ever reblog a post and not the comments, it's because I find the comments unimportant and I don't choose to feature them on my blog. Be thankful that ppl consider your art worth sharing & respect that some ppl choose not to share your comments.

I’m sorry this is really something that pisses me off

Why would I be thankful for people holding the art in higher esteem than the artist?

The comments are there because it’s the artist talking about their art

If you remove the artist’s comments and reblog the art, it’s basically you just caring about the art and not the artist so why should I be thankful for them? I mean, thanks for thinking that my art’s worth sharing but if you just remove my comments, don’t bother.

If you choose to not share my comments, like it but don’t reblog it. I don’t care. Why would I respect people who don’t respect my own wishes? It’s rude.

And if you think I owe you something for reblogging my work, you’re dead wrong.