15 Healthy Vegan After-School Snacks

September is officially here and with that comes the back to school season. Whether you’re back in school or not, here’s a collection of 15 healthy vegan snack ideas that are sure to keep you feeling sharp! This post is sponsored by Mode Foodie.

Check out 15 Healthy Vegan After-School Snacks

by ilovevegan at Foodie.com

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As soon as September hits, I’m so ready for fall that it hurts. (Really, as soon as January hits, I’m ready for fall.) When my parents brought over a tiny portion of their gigantic garden haul for me, I started to feel incredibly inspired. Their basket included summer squashes, plump tomatoes, enough banana and jalapeño peppers to feed an army, crookneck squash, and one of my favorites - acorn squash. These sometimes take a backseat to the more popular butternut or spaghetti squash (and don’t even start on pumpkin!) but they have just as much flavor as any other gorgeous autumn squash. So for this I paired together roasted acorn squash, toasted slivered almonds, and a beautiful cracked pepper fettuccine made locally here at Flour City Pasta.  Read more…