Being over 30 will be attractive in its own way” ~Bom

That’s right, our 8D, lovable and forever weird Park Bom is hitting the big 3.0 in Korean Age on March 24th. In any person’s life this is a huge milestone, but in this case it feels especially emotional for us all because we have been a part of her journey for some time now. We have all heard about Bom’s struggles to debut, watched her evolve and work hard for so many years now and it feels just wonderful and poignant to see her reaching 30 whilst achieving all her dreams. It seems that Bom is gladly ready embrace her “Ahjumma" status, but we all know that in her heart she is forever young haha

We thought long and hard about what charity to donate to for Bom, and since there are no charities solely dedicated to the preservation of corn, we opted for the next best thing, ’Food Bank Korea’.