Oh my Goddd look at Robin

Look how he takes a step forward and then stops. He wants to go after her AGAIN 

His heart, his soul are pulling him towards Regina, he’s going to go after her but then his mind stops him…

Even tho his wife is back, he hurts, his heart, his whole soul hurts right now cause the woman he IS IN LOVE WITH is also hurt 

This is heartbreaking. Here you have two soulmates in love with each other that can’t be together. Is there something more heartbreaking than this? Being in love with your soulmate, having this need, want to stay with them, be near them, to never leave their side cuz only near them you feel alive and happy, and not being able to? Fuckkk This hurts sooo much, damn it!

but hey, you guys

He wants to go after Regina

cuz he wants Regina

he needs Regina

his heart and soul need Regina


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Perhaps the most amusing moment was when Jensen talked about Jared’s son Tom and his daughter JJ playing together. Tom likes to dance to a little Elvis (“Hound Dog”) and the other day he pulled JJ in to dance with him. Which apparently consists of JJ standing still and waving her arms from front to back repeatedly – Jensen helpfully demonstrated. If JJ looks anywhere near as adorable as her daddy while ‘dancing’, it might be hazardous to watch.

Jensen Ackles about JJ and Thomas from his M&G at DallasCon [x]