Confessions Of A Former Paid Tao-Anti



Seeing what’s going on your t-list now, I want to say something… I used to be an online troll. I’ve slandered HZT, most people would have seen me in the hot posts listings. I did it because they offered a high price, I’d get a good sum for just calling him ugly. Then it became my part-time job. The content they made us post was mostly ‘ugly/get out of China’ etc… actually doing this bothered my conscience. We actually don’t think he’s ugly at all, the others think so too.

He really isn’t ugly… and he’s done nothing wrong. When other bloggers who frequently flamed Tao over-analyzed his words and defamed him, we also got the order to do the same. Later on I got curious as to why so many people hated HZT, after searching Baidu I didn’t think there was anything wrong with him. I didn’t really want to continue, my conscience wasn’t clear. Later on I took the effort to get to know him and dm-ed some of his fans with my other account, they’re all polite and not the delusional fans others make them out to be.

Reading their posts, I saw a lot of positive energy from him. I think he’s a pretty good kid with upright character, a lot of forbearance. So I quit my job. Many of the other trolls I know quit too, they all think he’s a decent guy and couldn’t bear to do it anymore. You guys must be really tired. Those OSH fans are really too much, even as a passerby I can’t stand them. There’s no need to be so toxic. I think I might become his fan…

OP: 黄子韜

Translation: Xwnne

Tao converting one hater at a time.