anonymous said:

More headcannons? Possibly some with Emily and derek? Your others made me crack up laughing on the floor!

Aw that’s good *evil laughter* Ok. Here are some more of my CM headcannons kids!

  • The incident with Agent Brad has become somewhat of a legend at the BAU. JJ, Emily, and Garcia are used to getting stared at in pure awe by new cadets, especially Prentiss. Sometimes, visiting agents from as far as the west cost have heard the story. Strauss got wind of it and actually liked Emily a little more, saying it’s something she’d do in her days as a field agent.
  • A desperate situation led to Morgan and Prentiss undercover as a couple. The unsub wasn’t buying it so, thinking quickly, Emily grabbed him and started kissing him. Apparently they got really into it, too. Both agreed to never speak of it again (although Derek still teases her) and avoided eye contact for a few weeks.
  • The team has nights where they all get together at Garcia’s (who else is gonna be able to get the hi-def pirated copies of things!?) and watch cop shows/movies and make fun of the inaccuracies they find.
  • Prentiss speaks even more languages than she lets on, patiently awaiting an opportunity to break out the German, Polish, Serbian, and maybe even Japanese.
  • Emily, JJ, Reid, and Garcia had a sit down one day and seriously tried to sort themselves and the entire BAU into Hogwarts houses. The whole thing escalated when the rest of the department got involved, Garcia ended up bringing out the HP books, and Emily and JJ were threatening violence. Hotch was furious at the sight of this and shut it down quickly, but not before Reid managed to make up a mathematical formula for it.
  • Once on April Fools Day as a joke, before a briefing Prentiss told the team she slept with Hotch. They all just blankly stared at her for a few seconds then went about their business mumbling “it’s about time” and “yea we were wondering when you two were gonna do it already”
  • Hotch keeps tabs on Elle. Although he hasn’t forgiven her for the shooting, he keeps an eye on her because he still cares about his former colleague and friend. She has gone back to her home NY to work for the sex crimes division of the FBI, a place where she thrives on being able to put offenders away. Aaron is glad to see she’s doing well. He’s attempted to track down Gideon too, but he’s gone completely AWOL and Hotch isn’t hopeful of ever finding him.
  • Emily had particularly bad nightmares while working on a case with murdered and missing kids (Into the Woods). Morgan found her knocking on his hotel room door at 2 in the morning one day, shaking with tears down her face. She didn’t need to say anything, he instantly knew. Derek let Prentiss fall sleep huddled in his arms, while he quietly stroked her hair. It wasn’t sexual in any way. Morgan knew how the nightmare’s felt and didn’t want her to have to be alone. Emily slept peacefully in her partner’s arms the rest of the night.
  • As a joke, Garcia made Emily’s FBI ID picture her old yearbook photo from high school. Penelope swears she’s never seen Prentiss angrier than when she found out about it and counts this as a near-death experience.
  • Prentiss can’t cook for shit. As hard as she tries, the whole ordeal usually consists of burning herself and screaming profanities loud enough to scare the cat. She is also on a first name basis with the firemen who have showed up at her apartment many MANY times.
  • Although Reid and Morgan’s prank war was the absolute best, Morgan and Prentiss had a pretty nasty battle too. It started when he unscrewed her desk chair resulting in Emily falling on her ass, so in turn she put makeup on him while he was sleeping. Things heated up when Morgan then put Justin Bieber stickers all over her workspace and car, so Emily rented petting zoo animals and actually put them in his apartment, scaring the shit out of him. The whole thing came to a conclusion when Hotch literally had to put them in a time out like bickering toddlers! The sight of Emily and Derek glowering in separate corners of the jet kept the team snickering the entire ride.
  • Emily’s various identities while she was faking dead included the names ‘Jennifer’, ‘Penelope’, and ‘Morgan’. They helped her feel close to the family she couldn’t be with at the time.