'Iron Man' deleted scene - Tony and Yinsen snark-off

from the Phase One box set.

[Scene: Tony Stark and Yinsen in the cave.]

YINSEN: [carving wood] Hey, Stark. Guess what I’m making?
TONY:  If I’d have to venture a guess, I’d say a crappy backgammon board.
YINSEN:  This is Lebanese cedar.
TONY:  Oh, I thought you were Persian.
YINSEN:  I’m impressed you even know what this is.  Tell you what, when I finish making it, I’ll teach you how to play.
TONY:  That’ll be swell. I’m a little rusty since I haven’t played since I was backgammon champ four years running at MIT.
YINSEN: Really? Interesting, I was the champ at Cambridge.
TONY: Did you just say “interesting” and “Cambridge” in the same sentence?  I think that’s an oxymoron. Was that even a school?
YINSEN: It’s a university, and you probably haven’t heard of it because Americans can’t get in.
TONY:  Right, unless you’re teaching.


Another Stark One 
Chapter 18 - Everything and Nothing || FF.net || AO3 || Tumblr

“He wanted to tell him about his little girl. Seventeen years old. In high school. He wanted to tell him that she was just as smart as him, funny too. He wanted to brag and say how she created her first robot at 5 years old, about how she was the smartest in her school. He wanted to tell him how she has her mother’s face, and yet how she smirks like him. How she plays the piano, how she protects her friends, how she laughs. He wanted to tell Yinsen yes.

But he couldn’t.

"No.” he said blankly.

“No?” Yinsen raised his eyebrows. Tony shook his head. Maybe he’ll tell him someday. Make him meet Darcy one day. But not now. Not in a time like this. Not when there’s at least ten cameras watching him—terrorists watching his every move, probably listening to his every word. He needed to be alone in all of this. He can’t involve Darcy. He can’t involve that one last thing that still hasn’t fallen into pieces. This was his own problem and his own problem to fix.


I really like how in those few, golden seconds you can see how much Tony has gotten attached to Yinsen, despite how foreign and strange they are to each other. If you watch the tiny indications in his expression, it’s obvious how much it hurts to realise that not only is there nothing he can do to save the only friend he has in an otherwise hostile environment; the only way Yinsen can be thanked is said in the next lines: “Don’t waste it. Don’t waste your life, Stark.” I think that if Tony ever had a hero, this is who it would be. Yinsen is a vital part of what defines Tony Stark and, ultimately, Iron Man, as an Avenger.