Reposted from @themindmuseum’s FB page. Yihee, that hummingbird and flowers are parts of my exhibit about adaptations at The Mind Museum. Still very proud to be a part of it. Miss you guys! <3


THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A miracle,.. Waah I can’t believe next year mag coconcert ulit sila dito sa Phil. And I can’t express my feelings right now. Dapat ba akong matuwa? Malungkot.? Eh kasi naman No. 1 reason. Madami na naman ang magkakagusto sa The Vamps and wala na naman akong pag asa para mapansin nila sa twitter kasi dadami followers nila. No.2 Maiinggit na naman ako sa kanila kasi may concert ticket na naman na ipapakita samantalang ako #TeamBahay again and again. 
pero may side naman akong masaya because….. kasama nila ang The Tide and Before You Exit OMG OMG.. My fav. band magsasama.. Yihee. <3 I’m so so so excited.Ang problema February na naman Why Feb.? pwede namang March or April :( Pero it’s okay ang mahalaga may chance ulit akong makita kayo sa tv.  and sa ASAP aabangan ko yaaan>! and I’m hoping na sana ka ft, niyo yung BYE sa bago niyong album… Pretty please.?? (((:.. Goodluck guys..!! Thank you sa maagang pag update,xx

Jhed’s coming home soonest. Yihee! I just don’t understand why Mama and Papa are much more excited than me? Redundancy explains the degree of intensity. Haha.

Supposed to take a photo this morning for my #PhotoADayJune project but i woke up at 12noon. Haha! I refuse to wake up because i was dreaming of Ashton Kutcher! Lol! It seems like i could control my dreams now, eh? Here’s a throw back instead. Sunrise at Mt. Jumbo, La Trinidad, Benguet on the day of Ashley’s birthday! Yihee! I miss you guys already! 😊
#photoadayjune #June1Morning #journeyapp (at Mt.jumbo, La Trinidad)

Hanging with these two cutie pies during #ansabe @itsshowtimeofficial_ig #balang #ikkin :: via anakarylle Instagram

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  2. Karylle: #regram from the @metmuseum :) this is what they posted in honor of World Teachers’ Day and coincidentally, my ballet teacher of 10 years Mrs. Amelia Garcia Yulo choreographed a dance called Degas Sketches which had pretty costumes like those in the painting :) happy I got to greet her on the show last Saturday. To all my teachers in OB Montessori, Poveda HS and Ateneo, I’d like to say thank you! Have a great week ahead!
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Spent the whole day with this guy at Enchanted Kingdom! We’re celebrating our 4th Anniversary today! Yey! I love you so much Bones! Thank you for loving me too. Yihee! :’)