searlait said: *cries great tears of sorrow at going away* *cries great tears of happiness at the visit after* *doesn’t actually cry, but does pout and then look happy because at work*

*pats comfortingly* there, there, friend. I’m hoping the days away with no internet just blur into one long day so the week won’t seem as long. I shall miss all of you dearly, a week is forever in internet time! but don’t worry, you should have things to tide you over until my return, not to mention you’re in very good hands of the multitudes who love you :) (go kick the sdss’ butt)

carbarnara said: Have fun, Punchy! Woohoo!! And that Frozen comforter is fine! plus the owner is charming and adorable so I think she’ll like it, too. ;) Yihee! :)

I’m looking forward to fun! Everything this summer has just been fun fun fun, best summer not-at-camp I could’ve ever had! I guess we’ll see about the blanket, I’ll keep you all posted :P

probablefox said: HAPPY BUSY DAYS ARE GREAT I hope you have fun.


neworleansladyjane said: 1. have fun on the cruise. 2. she likes you for you. she will accept the frozen.

nihilistic-not-reckless said: also I agree with neworleansladyjane RE: frozen comforter

I was talking to someone (I forget who, maybe April? who was like ‘if she stops laughing within 5 minutes and stays, she’s a keeper’ which seems like sound advice but I mean Alanna, you’ve seen my room. THERE’S SO MUCH. I should take pictures for you guys to see. There’s pictures and figures and two sets of dolls and a pillow and tissue boxes and Toothless, its insane. 

To the best guy friend I ever had, happy birthday! Ito na sana ang huling birthday mo na single ka. Yihee. Enjoy your day. I love you Bespren Tol. :)

Since it’s Throwback Thursday & also your birthday @jbsalvador! I’m posting this fugly photo of us back in college. Aminin mo, nasaktan ka nung frinend-zone kita—kahit sabihin mo pang looking back hindi mo ako minahal & mababa pa ang self-esteem mo! 😂 I wish I was there to be w/ you today, but as I have said: I’m here for you on other days naman & distance or timezones can’t mess w/ our friendship. Yihee! See you when I get back! #tbt

Another loved one has gone and life proves to be so fragile. Everyone can prepare for their own death but not for the death of their loved ones.

To Him we come from and to Him we shall return.

May Allah guide us to the right path.

Allahumafirghli hayyina wa mayitina wa shahidina wa gha ibina wa sagheerina wa kabeerina wa dzakarina wa unthana. Allahuma man ah yaytahu minna fa ah yihee alal Islam. Wa man tawaf faytahu minna fatawafahu ala iman.

Les I forget.

Sa sobrang tagal nating di nagkikita, wala tayong latest pics. :( Puro hs lang nakita ko ihh. Happy Happy Birthday Bhezt! :) Thank you sa palaging pag alala sakin kahit madalas busy ako. Kahit pasaway ako, ang bait mo sakin. Stay mabait and maalaga, lalo na kay Karel. Yihee <3 I miss you and I love you Bhezt! :* See you soon. :)

""So when news broke last month that a Chinese construction firm had “printed” 10 houses in Shanghai in less than a day, there was a sense that the use of 3D printing in architecture had finally come of age. 3D printing technology, which creates solid objects from digital models by laying down successive layers of material to mimic onscreen forms..WinSun Decoration Design Engineering used a huge 3D printer – 32 metres long, 10 metres wide, nearly seven metres high – to print each of the 200 sq metre homes in Shanghai’s Qingpu district using a secret “ink” mixture. Ma Yihe, WinSun chief executive, says his technology combines high-grade cement with recycled mine tailings, byproducts that result from ore extraction. Each house cost less than £3,000 to make." ( #3dprinting #architecture #design #building #time #financialtimes #technology #3dp #middleeast #china #news #amazing #industrial #skyscrapers #days #taqween #decoration #revolution #3ddesign #cement #printing #ft #3d #house #transform #design #robots" by @taqween #3dprinting #architecture #design #building #time #financialtimes #technology #3dp #middleeast #china #news #amazing #industrial #skyscrapers #days #taqween #decoration #revolution #3ddesign #cement #printing #ft #3d #house #transform #design #robots” by @taqween