[SPOILER] read at your own risk 140828 FAN ACCOUNT #2 Key's Zorro Musical
  • there’s a part where key was dancing really funny and they cut the music and he just kept dancing like a dork i almost peed myself
  • key came out and did the opening number in a freakin open vest with NO SHIRT ON
  • so much key nipple i think i nosebled to death
  • *zorro walks in on luisa while shes in the bath *luisa: “GIMME A TOWEL” zorro: *sees washcloth and robe…hands her the washcloth* luisa: /:
  • luisa was screaming and yelling so zorro kissed her to shut her up and she kicked him right in the nuts omfg
  • istg watching key get kicked in the nuts is the best thing that ever happened to me *wipes a single joyful tear*
  • they ended the first act with a giant Z hanging from the ceiling and it burst into flames wow they ain’t playin this is legit
  • theres a part where key was standing on a trap door and it gave out and he fell down it (as part of the show) and all the shawols shrieked
  • key looks like he’s enjoying himself a lot haha  he has less lines than b&c but it seems like a real fun role for him
  • key started singing this slow song but his face was so srs like |: and he tried to get the audience to wave their arms LOL
  • while waving his arms he pointed at a girl in the audience and gave her a thumbs up but he was still so straight faced omg like ._.b LOLLL

cr: kimkeyy

140829 Key instagram update

bumkeyk:조로 첫공을 마쳤습니다 . 많은 분들 와주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다 . 일어나서 박수쳐주시고 같이 웃어주시고 같이 가동받아주셔서 하나가 된 느낌을 오늘 특히 여러번 받은거 같아요!얼른 조로로 다시만나길!


"I finished my first Zorro performance. I sincerely thank the many people who came. You stood up and clapped, laughed with me, and experiened it together with me, so I felt many times that we became one today! I hope I’ll meet you again as Zorro soon!”

Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net

Watch on kegu.tumblr.com

140828 뮤지컬조로 키에고 커튼콜

  • there’s a part where diego goes to this party and he comes out dressed all fancy with a tailcoat and his hair all slicked sideways ahh keyyy
  • *diego accidentally bumps into his enemy ramon* ramon: WHAT!!! diego: … ramon: … diego: … ramon: … diego: …..ole!! *dances away*
  • there are SO. MANY. amazing flamenco dance numbers and awesome singing gypsies in this musical. seriously god bless.

cr: kimkeyy

  • Key Spanish dancing or…whatever that was….is now my new favourite thing in the entire world ㅠ.ㅠ he looked AMAZING. He did AMAZING.
  • Where I was I could see Key climbing up into the sets to wait for his cue to swing in. The sets were really shaky so he had to be careful
  • Key and his lady are stumbling through the desert and she makes him carry her. She smacks him on the head really hard when he doesnt listen!
  • Key is fighting on a train set that spins. He was climbing all over it and jumping around, it was completely amazing!!
  • Key does a stunt where he jumps backwards up onto a chair and then over the back of the chair, while sword fighting, not looking!!
  • Key also sat in the same chair and leant back smirking cockily while he fought with one hand…sexiest thing I have ever seen ㅠ.ㅠ
  • Key’s hair is smoothed down and silky soft in the second half when he transforms into a nobleman. He performs the sexiest dance off ever ㅠ.ㅠ
  • Key’s Zorro costume when he takes the cape off… the tightest black pants, knee high leather boots thick leather belt around his tiny waist
  • I cant I cant ㅠ.ㅠ Key Im so proud and overwhelmed he did such an amazing job. The work in Zorro blows everything he’s done out of the water
  • Key’s acting though, he was staring straight at his lady while dancing with her, perfect choreography while never taking his eyes off her.
  • Ugh how does Key play such a sexy, masculine character with all that aegyo inserted I can not even comprehend ㅠ.ㅠ
  • Key was standing on the balcony of the rotating set waving and smiling at the audience at the end. He looks so happy ㅠ.ㅠ Im so happy ㅠ.ㅠ ㅠ.ㅠ
  • The Zorro set is totally freaking amazing btw. It rotated and pieces came in and out and there was a massive train that Key fought on top of
  • And there were rafters and things that Key swung down from and pulley systems that Key caught up and down
  • Key’s hair was a complete sweaty mess under his mask, it stuck up all over the place and was completely adorable ㅠ.ㅠ
  • Key’s mentor teaching him sword fighting: yelling Head, feet, head, feet so Key defends but hes yelling feet and hitting Key on the head
  • The 1st time Key keeps defending his feet and getting hit on the head but the 2nd time he ignores the guy yelling feet and defends his head
  • Key just came out. He looks fabulous and tired but happy. Them shorts ㅠ.ㅠ
  • Key never fails us ㅠ.ㅠ Always winds the window down when it’s safe and smiles and waves so kindly ㅠ.ㅠ

cr: locketmin0923

Mr Lee; Taemin/Key; PG

His name on the post has been changed to Mr Kibum Lee and Kibum is very confused. His boyfriend Taemin, it turns out, has ulterior motives.
(1738 words, this is basically just pure, undiluted fluff tbh #noregrets)

Kibum hummed under his breath as he shuffled into the front hallway, the bottom hem of his pyjama bottoms skirting across the cold, wooden floor as he walked slowly, holding two steaming mugs of tea, one in each hand. There was a shuffling sound from the door, following by a soft thwack and a harsher slam and he turned, an eyebrow quirking appraisingly as he noticed that the post had arrived considerably earlier than usual.

They lived in an area unfortunate in the way that their post was often delivered late morning, sometimes early afternoon, so seeing it at barely ten AM on a Saturday was a bit of a surprise. Kibum realised how domesticated he had become, that post coming a little earlier than usual evoked such shock was an embarrassment to his former self. He remembered university days, partying and causing a general nuisance of himself - that all seemed so boring now. He sniffled, catching his reflection in the hallway mirror (the one his boyfriend used daily to attempt to tie his tie for a good five minutes, before giving in and letting Kibum do it). His hair was scruffy from sleep and sex, none of it sticking out in any sensible direction, and his lips were dry and chapped.

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