Finished! I had to fix more lineart too! SURPRISE? Haha not. 

However, I’m extremely happy with this and I feel I have mastered Yuma’s hair :D Astral’s markings are probably all wrong, but I concentrated hard on Yuma, so Astral suffered… *sigh* Can’t win them all?

Enjoy though!


Finally…..!!!!!! Here’s the pic of background for my ZEXAL doujinshi’s cover. Sorry for not everyone could be completed in this cover, but I really love all of ZEXAL’s characters!^^
BTW, this doujinshi should be sold on 07/07 (The Jump Only in Taiwan).

Wish I can finish it….> <


Shark’s sister finally…..!!!! I thought that maybe IV and she would become a new CP …of course, i imagined it.

Really look forward to see IV back with shark’s sister.^^