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Winner Talk in English -1-

SY : It’s our first time to perform in singapore. I’m really-really happy to meet singapore fans here. I love you singapore, thank you !

JW : What’s up singapore, I’m Jinwoo~ First of all I wanna say thank you to all our fans and audience in here. I love singapore~

SH : Yeah~~~ I’m winner’s rapper seunghoon we are finally here in singapore~!as members of yg family~ I promise we will do our best tonight. Thank you~

MH : Hey hey hey It’s mino~! What’s up?! It’s my honor to be here as a member of winner. So, Are you guys having fun? (Me too) Everybody make some noise~!!!

TH : Hey singapore I look forward to sing with you guys. Hi singapore i’m taehyun ~ let’s make a fantastic night today~!

WINNER's Music taste

Taehyun: Old man style. Only listeners to slow & sad songs.

Mino: 95% of the time only Listens to rap. He likes Lil Wayne, & Whiz Khalifa. He even listens to Soulja Boi *Smh*

Seunghoon: Listens to some mainstream American music, but mostly rap.

Seungyoon: Listens Sad songs & Rock music. He likes songs by Adele & Sam Smith.

Jinwoo: A hardcore YG Stan that only listens to songs by YG artists ( and some Justin Bieber)

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