Never waste your time, Never waste your life

Never waste your time, Never waste your life

I don’t live with regrets and I know deep inside that you should never regret anything in your life. 


There is one big regret in my life that I’m struggling with letting go and that’s exactly what’s been said on the quote above.

When we’re young we’re inexperienced about life and that’s why we do the decisions we do.

When I was younger I never let go of…

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Budget Babe is Back!

Budget Babe is Back!

After many requests I’ve decided to bring back my “Budget Babe” category where I recommend budget items that Jet set Babes would wear. There are tons of clothes & shoes out there in high street fashion stores which look more expensive than they are – if combined properly or selected with an eye for detail. Although I’ll continue blogging about the designer gear…

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