Beflowered Checkup | Cloud and Yeul

Cloud has been traveling to many places since he was enlisted in the army. He just came from his mission with the other ravager. Helping a Chocobo egg survive wasn’t what I expected, he thought to himself as he walked by HQ. He wasn’t feeling so great ever since they came back from Alarsya Gorge. The medics might be able to help me. 

He then turned to where he remembered being told where the clinic was to visit. It was an unusual feeling that overcame Cloud, an uncontrollable headache. He hasn’t had something to eat in quite some time which could be the cause, but he couldn’t take the risk. He had a blank expression on his face, he didn’t want to do anything but lie down. 

I remember hearing that the soldiers were getting their checkups not too long ago. Cloud entered the clinic and looked around, he walked up to the personnel behind the desk. “Do you know where I can go to get a checkup?” he asked in a unexcited tone. She pointed towards her left and gave him directions of where to head. He walked slowly looking in every room to see who would be the one who can help him.

Cloud then saw a young girl not too far ahead, I’ve never see her before around here, what is she doing here?, he asked himself. He had no other choice but to see if she knew anything and decided to go and see if she would know where he can go.

She didn’t seem too tall and she still had time to grow from the looks of it. He couldn’t see her face as she was facing towards a different room, he couldn’t identify exactly what she was doing, but decided to interrupt. “Excuse me, do you know who it is I’m supposed to see for a checkup?” he asked in the same tone as before.

New Bloom | Hope and Yeul

She turned heads as she walked by. Down the hall, whispers followed her, eyes watched her, fingers gestured subtly towards her, not pointing, but clearly indicating the girl that seemed not to belong.

Steel-blue hair bouncing lightly on her back with every careful, slow step, Yeul ignored— or perhaps she didn’t hear— the soft disturbance that her presence had brought upon the building. A fifteen-year-old girl had no place in the Headquarters of Taejin’s Army. And yet, she had enrolled for the job of a Medic and been accepted.

Green eyes directed towards the floor, Yeul seemed to study the marble ground without seeing it, a reticent girl in her own unusual world. She passed through the front doors of the edifice, finally bringing her gaze up to take in the capacious lot that encompassed the building. Her head turned from side to side. It seemed for a moment, that she was lost. And then, she found a destination and walked forward with new purpose.

A few paces away from the building, Yeul stopped to look down upon a group of potted plants, their blooms fresh and vibrant. Perhaps they were waiting to be planted by someone. Slender fingers reached down to touch the petals of a white flower, and then Yeul sank to her knees beside the pots, observing how the wind moved the leaves of the plants as if it was the most intriguing show in the world.

Mission 024: Sampling Escort | Basch and Yeul

Basch quickly stomped down the path to the briefing room, with a rather begrudged look on his face. Pulling his coat tighter around himself, he sighed and slowed down. Why the hell did they call me out at this time of morning? Continuing towards the office, he paused and gazed out over the lake in Oerba, as the sun’s rays peaked out over the horizon. It’s not even daylight yet, he sighed. He came to the briefing room and let the clerk know he was there.

Slumping into a nearby chair, he pulled down his face mask and grunted. Another mission? Seems like the Commander is just waiting for me to die. As he waited, he made sure his weapon and armour was all in order and operational. The AMP-Technology proved to be quite helpful against the Yaksha and Yakshini demons, so he assumed he’s become the Army’s dreadnought. The cold morning air stung his exposed skin, and he stood up and began pacing to keep himself warm. "Can this hurry up? I’m freezing here!" He continued pacing, but after 5 minutes of walking backwards and forwards he slumped back into the chair again with a deep sigh.

A soldier came out to tell the desk clerk something, and Basch raised an eyebrow, "It’s about time…" but as he went to push himself up out of the chair, the clerk shook his head and Basch swore. He heard a soft sound outside, which sounded to him as leather on the ground. What now… is this my partner?

Sleeping Lion | Squall and Yeul

Eyes closed, Yeul stood on the plains of Gran Pulse, a large expanse of land near the Headquarters, and let the warm fingers of sunlight run across her face and through her shiny hair. Her arms were held loosely at her sides, fingers touching her skirt. One hand reached up and flipped back her headdress, pulling back the veil and letting her hair stream free.

It was, indeed, a beautiful day. Opening her eyes, Yeul’s emerald eyes took in the expanse of land, the odd, towering plants, the beautiful flowers, and the green grass. She began to make her way through a patch of tall grass towards a tree, aiming to head towards a large rock that was half hidden behind its trunk. Yeul stepped around the base of the tree and quickly stepped back again, looking down at who she had almost stepped on.

A man lay in the shade of the tree, asleep. His brown hair fell across his eyes slightly, his head tilted to the side. His arms were behind his head, and his breathing was even. Yeul watched his still form for a moment, observing how, even in sleep, his face seemed stern, a little fierce. It was as if the girl had stumbled across a sleeping lion.

After a while, Yeul continued on her way, stepping around the man and climbing up the rock to sit at the top, arranging her skirt and fur pelt around her, bringing her flute out and to her lips. She began to play the instrument, the notes lilting through the air, slipping through the breeze like water through fingers.

Just Around the Riverbend | Faris and Yeul

Tweeet. Tweet tweet.

The sounds of a flute floated on the cool breeze around the lake, the same lake that Hope and Yeul had gone down to after planting the flowers in front of the Headquarters. It was indeed Yeul, but she was alone this time. She stood at the foot of a tree, playing her wooden instrument, pausing every now and then to listen. Sometimes there would be an answering call, and she would tilt her head this way and that, as if to catch the strains of the tune better.

The bird eventually stopped answering, though, and after awhile, Yeul began to play the introduction to a song. Once she finished one part, she lifted her head to begin singing softly.

"Sooner than memories begin to fray…"

Singing wasn’t really at the top of Yeul’s list of hobbies, but she liked to do it every now and then, when she was alone. Besides, she always accompanied her tunes with a little dance, an activity that she secretly loved.

"Everything from the past just swept away…"

As she sang, Yeul twirled away from the tree, holding her arms aloft, eyes closed, wrapped up in her dance. Her voice was very quiet, and she was but a slender figure dancing by herself in the midst of a wood.

Suddenly, the bird exploded from the tree’s leafy foliage, darting over to the other side of the lake. Yeul’s voice stopped singing, and the girl followed the bird with her eyes, walking forward until she almost fell into the body of water. She managed to right herself, but— Ah! Her wreath of flowers from her village…! It had fallen into the water!

Yeul dropped to her knees, but didn’t bother reaching out for it. She knew it was out too far; the wind had carried it further out. Perhaps if she found a branch or something…

Mission Briefing 037: Saviours in Disguise | Cecil and Yeul

It was as if nothing had changed. The same hallway, the same people, the same reason for heading down to the briefing room. She, too, had barely changed since first joining the Army. Each step forward was one that carried the petite Medic towards the future, platinum-blue hair swinging, hips swaying ever so slightly. At the same time, her constant steps were an idiosyncratic characteristic, the slightest trait that allowed her enigmatic aura to be made clear to those who surrounded her.

Her yellow moccasins took her down the various halls until she stood before the doors of the briefing room. She tilted her head to the side, as if contemplating the door’s mahogany inlays, before raising both hands before her and pushing the door gently open.

Yeul took a step into the room, glancing around. It seemed as if there was still some time before the meeting started; Her partner had yet to arrive. The young girl selected one of the chairs and sat down, hands folded in her lap, waiting for the time to come.