doing dumb reblog thign because dumb

o kay so like for the first 10 munchies that reblog this or whatever I’ll draw a character doodle thing based on their blog’s theme! Sooo, if you reblog it, make sure you have your submissions open and junk.

I drew one based on my own theme as an example, yep. 




In the Land Beneath the Living, a vast civil war ravages every last inch of Limbo and Hell as both halves of the reigning monarchy struggle to bring victory to their respective sides.

Years upon years of conflict demolish family bonds and the formerly thriving empire of the underworld crumbles, leaving corruption and chaos in it’s wake. The Queen, aided by the “Loyals” who have remained true to her, battled ruthlessly against The King and his band of “Wilds”, eventually leading her former husband to succumb to her overwhelming power.

The Queen banished the traitorous King to deepest ruins of Hell as punishment for leading the rebellion against her, bringing the war to a tense and temporary halt.

Thousands of years have passed since then, and the Queen’s court has urged for several futile attempts at reconciling with the King in order to settle the uneasy feelings that continue to plague her kingdom.

Enter Emi, a freshly dead Limbo citizen with everything the Queen could ever need to bring balance back to her kingdom. Follow along as Emi and her companions take a journey down the nine levels of Hell and uncover the secrets that the reigning monarchy keeps behind closed doors.

(Webcomic me and this nug are working on together yo

better watch out for it, it’s coming soon!)