Raise your Yeti Tiki Mugs everyone and let’s say a toast in praise of The Boston Yeti, recently spotted on the snowy streets of Beantown - defying the storm-related curfew - and live-tweeting his adventures as only a very hairy cryptid roaming a snowed-in city can.

While the identity of the Boston Yeti remains unknown, the user behind this Twitter account appears to have created it on Monday ahead of the storm, amassing more than 4,700 followers by Tuesday evening. The hashtag #BostonYeti2015 took on a social life of its own as Twitter users reacted to Boston’s surprise monster of the storm.

With all of the city’s instructions to stay off the roads, the Boston Yeti didn’t appear to listen, at least in Somerville during the start of Juno. But this abominable snowman did seem to want fellow Bostonians to be careful, telling folks on Twitter that “BostonYeti2015 loves the snow, but wants everyone to be safe.”

Head over to The Boston Globe to learn more about the awesome adventures of The 2015 Boston Yeti.

[via Pee-wee Herman, Neatorama, and The Boston Globe]