yet I just love it so much

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What do you think about the situation with Little Mix and Harry?

Now does everyone see one of the big reasons Zayn quit? The way 1D stans overreacted just shows how they are absolutely nothing but pathetic, misogynistic, anti-feminist bullies. The whole thing is so fucking stupid. Who gives a damn if LM wouldn’t date Harry?!?! If they had said ‘swipe right’ they’d just be getting hate also. I think it’s hypocritical how most 1D stans say Harry is gay yet when LM (who actually know Harry and would know his sexuality) say they wouldn’t date him they flip out. Some are mad Leigh made a Haylor joke yet 1D stans  constantly make Haylor jokes and act like it’s completely fine.

I LOVE the boys so much but their fandom is fucking disgusting. 1D are against bullying yet that’s all their fandom does.

COLUMN: Cate’s Top Ten

10 Songs for Unrequited Love

I like to think that when a band or singer puts out a song, they don’t think about what category the music fits into but rather what complex emotions their three minute song will evoke for the listener. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been drawn to songs that can so eloquently put into words feelings you could never properly verbalize. In other words, I am very much a lyrical person. I’ve realized just recently that the songs that strike the most in their lyrical abilities are usually ones that speak on the topic of unrequited love. The emotions that revolve around this entirely natural yet devastatingly heartbreaking roller-coaster of emotions are some of the hardest to write about. Everyone feels it. It is the rawness and honesty that surrounds the concept of unrequited love that have lead to some of my favourite songs. Some of which are listed below.    

1)    King Krule - Baby Blue

2)    Maiday - Wish You’d Met Me First

3)    Shannon Suanders - Atlas

4)    WAFIA - Let Me Love You 

5)    Bear’s Den - Sophie

6)    Sam Smith - Not In That Way

7)    Sky Ferreira - You’re Not the One

8)    Hozier - Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)

9)    The 1975 - Fallingforyou

10) The Daylights - Quick Fix

Written by Cate, photography by Alana

I just love the fact that when I’m completely focused on my studying, I forget about everything else. I am lucky enough to live a pretty happy life. I have a beautiful family which I love so much, amazing friends, a roof on my head… I have the privilege to go to university and spend my days studying in a comfortable house in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s when I lose the sense of all this, of the privileged life I live, that I start to feel lonely and unhappy.

Yet sometimes I do. Sometimes I feel that I’m spending the best years of my life stuck in front of a desk learning stuff that God knows when I’m going to put to use. And then I start to think that I’m lonely, that I don’t have a boyfriend, that I’m never gonna fall in love with someone because I feel too different from the people my age and nobody is ever going to love me for the same reason…  and I get stuck in a vicious circle.

Studying puts me back into perspective. Not all the time, but sometimes; especially when I study really hard. It makes me forget about the loneliness and the yearning. I’ll never forget what one of my high school teacher once said: “When I’m sad I study, and I don’t think about it anymore”. It struck me because a) I’d never thought my amazing, omniscient teacher could be ever sad, and b) I’d never thought that studying could relieve from sadness. Now I now it does.

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Question of the day: Guys did you ever drank your own blood? An if- How does it taste like? *bear hugs yuma :D*( Thank you so much for your effort and hard work ♥♥♥ ^-^ Have a lovely and amazing day :3)

-Shuu: “I remember I did it one time when I was a kid…My fangs just were growing, so I wasn’t used to them yet, and bit my tongue a lot of times…It tastes like, you know, licking a coin?”

-Ayato: “Tch, sometimes when I play basketball and stuff. I bite my tongue or something else for insulting the other assholes while playing, and it tastes like fucking shit.”

-Yuuma: “Heh, your hugs are kinda good, sow.”

My Olicity Story

For my-heart-belongs-to-olicity‘s project! Awesome project, and a story I’ve never shared, so happy to tell!

About roughly a year ago, I was scrolling through my dashboard, wasting hours on Tumblr. You know, the usual business. It was after 2x23 had just aired, I wasn’t following any Arrow related blogs yet. And I saw a gif set pop up of the Olicity beach scene. I was intrigued immediately. A gorgeous nerd girl and this handsome guy who had to be the main guy of the show. The opposite of the typical love story you get with every show in history. They were looking at each other with so much love and longing in their eyes. WHO THE HELL WERE THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT SHOW WAS THAT?

I binge watched the first and second season, ready to fall in love with the damaged vigilante and the nerd girl, without realizing that Felicity doesn’t appear all that much in the first half of season 1. That they weren’t the main love story, not even at all. That finding out, after digging into the Arrow Tumblr tags and getting into the fandom, Felicity wasn’t even supposed to be part of the main cast members.

But I didn’t care. I would be patient. The friendship that blossomed between these two was a glorious thing to watch. How Felicity was such a badass character without having to be in a physical fight. How Oliver was funny, light and himself for the first time since the island almost only when he was with Felicity. How he listened and started to care for her. The natural chemistry between these two characters felt so real, it was like you could feel electricity run through your body whenever they made the slightest eye-contact.

I was already sold the moment I saw that gif set, but the official moment when I was actually binge watching? 


I fell in love with their bond. It didn’t matter if it was platonic, although I hoped for more. I just wished it wouldn’t go away in upcoming seasons. And it got even better. Because we got the love story we all wished for, but nobody of us excepted to actually happen on the show. 

Olicity, although really important to me, is not the biggest reason why I watch/love Arrow. The story of Oliver Queen is the main reason. But looking back on it on my first encounter with Olicity, it’s kind of awesome that the reason I even looked up ANYTHING about Arrow got canon, has now become a part of Oliver’s main story arc and is the beautiful love story we have today. And I’m so happy I decided to get on the train ride. And, BONUS, it made my Tumblr dashboard interesting again, I’ve met really awesome people because of it, I’m a part of a really cool fandom, and discovered amazing actors I wouldn’t have even known about otherwise.

(Ahem. Woops. Long-ass post. Guess I had some stuff to let out.)

I recently got my first SD size doll, he’s so perfect. I want a girl too, but when I look around, too many of them have huge eyes and/or way-too-pouty lips. I just want a beautiful girl who doesn’t look like a weird, sad alien. I look at a company’s site every time I see someone posting about how much they love their sculpts, but I have yet to fall in love.

Image by BJDConfessions

I just saw Age of Ultron!!! ***spoiler alert to the max avoid if you haven't seen it yet***

• Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were amazing holy crap I loved them so much
• The witty banter between everyone was so on point
• All the cameos!!! (Though I actually wish they had more of Falcon even though I didn’t really love him in Winter Soldier but I thought he deserved more in this)
• Where the hell is Coulson? When are they gonna bring him back? Does anyone know?
• They over tried to explain why Jane and Pepper weren’t around like come on guys we get it they aren’t around but those were some lame excuses
• Ultron was amazing. Still unsure about the mouth design but it looks better on screen than not having a mouth I suppose. And I liked that they kept the design that looks like Hank Pimm’s suit and helmet even though that’s not the story in this verse (which I’m totally okay with because that would have been a mess and Tony making him makes more sense in these movies
• What the hell was up with the Bruce/Natasha thing? That was he weirdest love story I have ever seen. I would like to rinse my eyes please. So out of character on both ends
• And wtf Clint is married and has kids? Why did this come up so randomly? It was like a dumb plot device to get them to a safe house and get the fans to stop shipping Clintasha
Vision picking up Mjolnir casually
• Cap making Mjolnir jiggle was the best oh my god we all know he’s worthy
• “the elevator’s not worthy”
• “Language!” I absolutely loved that joke every time they used it was brilliant
Vision though

Overall I really loved it! There were a few parts I personally would have done differently. I’d try to keep the romance out of major movies like this with so many characters to focus on because it’s just unnecessary and put those stories in the solo films but that’s just me. I can’t wait to watch it again and again and to see gifs and stuff on tumblr

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I agree that hate is bad for everyone and pointless. But being angry with Dean for stuff like saying "that's not what you said last time", when I, apparently foolishly, was still hoping he'd apologize to Sam for s9 - that's not hate, is it? I can get angry at a character for their actions without it being hate. Can't I? (I'm genuinely curious what you think.)

I don’t think that being angry is hate. not at all. 

I love my sister do death, really. yet sometimes she does things that upsets me and make me angry with her. 

I still don’t hate her.

I think in fandom wise language it would be how much focus you put on it and mostly if you ever try to understand the character you’re angry with or you just keep being angry. there are things Dean did that made me angry, of course, but I don’t like being angry so i try to understand him. it doesn’t change the fact that I am angry for some choices he made buti find it in me to love him and understand him this is how ienjoy the show. 

Now, you can hate on any character, that’s your right. what is pointless to me is going to other people’s inbox and trying to convince them to hate with you, or assuming less about someone if they doen’t hate a character you hate atc… 

if someone feels good with being angry and hateful, and they don’t hurt anyone with it (because well, they hate a fictional character after all) then be it. everyone has the right to hatr. i personally don’t like it.

Keats was stocky, whereas Ben is feline. Abbie’s a healthy Aussie, so we did attempt to make her a paler girl. It was important to balance their physical differences so they look like a little pair of matching bookends. Yet Abbie is so much a golden girl, she’s yellow, and Ben is so fair, he is almost blue. We talked a lot about pulling the skin tones together, the hair coming together. Fanny had blue eyes, but we left Abbie the brown-eyed beauty that she is and I tried to take up the space between those bigger differences with the costumes, refining shapes or bulking shapes. I didn’t make Ben’s clothes too tight or too tailored — I tried to make him a bit softer and bigger, just to bring them together in this godforsaken love match. It has to be so obvious they are meant to be together, they are like a pair of spoons.

I don’t know what to do anymore!😭 I don’t understand why Taylor won’t come to sweden? She has so many Swifties here!❤️ I’ve been a swiftie for 2 years, and I know that isn’t so long as some of you, but I love her with all my heart and I don’t know what I would do without her! I’ve tried to get Taylor to notice my posts so she can see how much me and my Swiftie friends want her to come to sweden! I just don’t understand why she hasn’t come yet? It’s been 7 years!😭 is it because of Spotify since its swedish, or is it because she doesn’t like us swedes? No, that can’t be it! She’s working with max and Johan who are swedish. Then what could it be? I’d do anything, ANYTHING!! For Taylor to come to sweden❤️😭 I actually really thought she would come this time, but I guess I was wrong…again.😔 what am I suppose to do? I mean, there’s even a radio station where they only play Taylor swift! What more can we do?😔 please reblog so Taylor could see this! It would mean the world to me and my Swiftie friends Alma, Athena, Edvina, Mimmi, Elin and me, Tuva. I hope Taylor sees this, but she probably wont😔 anyway, bye. And thanks for taking the your time to read this❤️


They've all planned what will happen very specifically and I haven't felt let down yet. So I have plenty of faith I suppose that's mostly because it's already been said by multiple people involved in the show that Olicity is endgame, so I'll just be over here waiting and trying not to freak out too much in the meantime.

No promises on the whole not freaking out thing.

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Omg thank you very much!! ;u; sorry for the bother!

it’s no way a bother, it’s the smallest thing i can do for the boys, i just BADLY want them to win, and now i’m listening to their skit ‘expectation’, and i already know what they are saying and it hurts hearing them talk about how they won’t hope much tho they do wish to win, yet they say they won’t and it just


omg i am so deep in


just please vote, for real, with passion, if you feel like giving up, remember how humble, hardworking, talented, creative and original our boys are, how much they love us, remember the smiles and the laughs and the tears and the pain


that we will hear the rap line’s sweet voices

that will see Jin aka i rap better than jay z



don’t forget this music show also

just click on the orange and watch the teaser, and if it doesn’t work, try on your phone

clear your history

thank you <3

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Do you support any FNAF shippings?

EEeeeEEEhhhHHHh… Not particularly. I don’t hate any shipping, but I’m not personally crazy about the animatronics being shipped together. Just because I don’t really think that love would be something programmed into them. And the children who possess them hadn’t hit puberty yet, so eh. To be perfectly fair, there’s no evidence really for or against it, so whatever. But I don’t particularly love the idea though.

Now though, if you’re talking shipping the characters that the animatronics are and not the robots themselves, that’s MUCH different. You can ship them all damn day if you please. It’s not hurting a thing, and we don’t particularly know what the characters were like exactly, so there’s nothing really saying that any pairing wouldn’t go good together. Hell, I have a bit of guilty pleasure ship between Toy Freddy and Toy Foxy, just because I think as an 80′s kids’ thing, of course they’d have an unnecessary romance subplot.

Jeez, I went off there, didn’t I? FNAF shipping is very complex…


25 favourite movies (16/25) - The way we were, 1973

Your girl is lovely, Hubbell. Why don’t you bring her for a drink when you come?

swifternet’s follow forever <3

I’ve been trying to get this done for a while as a thank you to all of you wonderful people for making me laugh, smile, and feel so loved every day.<3
It’s still a work in progress so if you’re not on it but we’re friends i will definitely be making edits, and even if we’re not (yet!) feel free to send me a message if you would like to be included! You all make my days so much brighter; thank you for that. xoxoxoxoxo

P.S. Hi Taylor! If you see this, please take a moment and follow some of these blogs - the names in bold are still dreaming of a follow from you! I can honestly tell you that they are some of the greatest people I have ever known, and I have made some friendships sure to last a lifetime, all because of you <3 

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i love how dan and phil arent all like buff and have muscles

like they’re not fit. they’re just average. they have little cute tummies.

i love that they dont fit into everyones expectations of “cute british boys” like i’m just in love with the fact that theyre so different yet so beautiful in their own ways and i want to crawl up in a hole and cry

Sitting alone on a park bench, his tea long since gone cold, 
John takes a deep breath and tries saying the truth out loud 
for the first time in his entire life.

“I’m bisexual,” he tells the pigeons looking up at him.

They seem remarkably unimpressed by his bravery.

The world continues to turn.

The Moonlight and the Frost, chapter 3.