Weiss in knight armor! Rough sketch for an idea where Weiss decides to be her own Prince Charming and happens upon Ruby being attacked by the Big Bad Wolf and is therefore the Huntress that puts stones in that bad boy’s belly and they travel around the world trying to outgay each other while weighing burdens on their personal side of things. Like Weiss still having the curse that’ll put her to sleep if she doesn’t fulfill seven great wishes sort of thing. fun times

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Fifth Harmony 'Like Mariah' Dance-Off

The girls had a fun little dance off during Tyga’s verse of Like Mariah during the Reflection Tour in San Francisco.

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today would have been a year. and up until two days ago, i thought today would be a major turning point. i love you and i would have done anything for you but now that you’ve left me i can see how there shouldn’t be that much bad in a healthy relationship. there shouldn’t be that much hurt in a healthy relationship. we had amazing times but there were way too many awful times too. i miss you. i wish this hadn’t happened but it did and now we have to move on because i will not go back into a relationship that made me feel unimportant, uncared for, and sometimes even unloved to get back the good. i love you and i want you in my life but from now in we will have to be friends and move on but im not ready to be talking to you yet, it’s making this even worse for me. you broke every promise you made to me on thursday night. you can’t expect me to bounce back after a day. you broke my heart into a million pieces and now you’re trying to scoop some of them up for me and that just can’t happen. you made a choice thomas. now you have to stick with it whether you like it or not.

(screeching and slithering in the background) (angry demigod noises) ‘dON’T YOU DARE USE YOUR UNDERWORLD POWERS’ ‘JUST TRY AND STOP ME’

Here have the thing I was gonna upload for jasicosaturday last saturday for jasicosaturday this saturday…..

  • Nico:My boyfriend is a doctor.
  • Annabeth:and my boyfriend is an hyperactive dolphin
  • Percy:What? are you cheating on me? Who is it? How can you talk with it? Why?
  • Annabeth:a pretty stupid hyperactive dolphin, apparently.
  • Percy:I still want to meet him!
  • Everyone:*facepalms*