Remembering Secret Garden

Remembering Secret Garden – Oska and Yesul

Remember those secret garden days? Whacko cousins and all? Oska, Yesul and Taesun? yea they were amazingly funny! the chemistry of the 3 was too good! Sure there was Joo Won [Hyunbin] and Ra Im [Ha Ji Wo] but this post I am gonna focus on the triangle of Oska, Yesul and Taesun.


I love the character of Oska, he is a goofball, loud, immature, stubborn as a child, throws tantrum and yet hopelessly romantic. Ever since he fell for Yesul he has loved her with his whole heart. Even when they had a terrible break up he still loved her. when he was labeled as playboy he was still in love with her. And even when he was pushing her and hurting her, he loved her. Yesul and Joo Won were probably the only 2 people in his life that mattered.


More than Joo Won and Ra Im, Oska and Yesul’s scene excited. I loved their bittersweet romance. It was refreshing to watch…somehow it was obvious they would end up together and yet the journey towards it was memorable one. We got see the difference see different Oska…more mature and responsible one and we also found why Yesul behaved the way she did


In a way Yesul’s character was typical rich, spoiled, pampered kid who is rude to others and only helps when in need. Yet she was a lovable one since she never was out there to hurt anyone – well be Oksa – but she had her own reasons for it.

   Although Yesul was portrayed a snobbish and maybe bit arrogant you could see her vulnerability…especially around Oksa. Even though she was out to hurt him, wanted him to go through the same pain and anguish as she did you could see how much it killed her to hurt him. I like way she expressed her pain and vulnerability. She was still in love with him yet won’t admit it

Both of them, who were in love with each other and yet blamed each other for the pain that neither of them had caused intentionally.Their love was one of a kind, even after so many years and so much pain they were crazy about each other. I am glad they got their happy ending. Their story was written beautifully and it still one of the best I have seen for second leads.



I love Oksa and Taesun’s story…one trying to run away from another and one chasing the other, waiting him to join his company. But little did Oska knew that the guy he was chasing was actually infatuated by him hehe. Oska being complete child in front of Taesun and Taesun being complete blunt in from on Oska.



Its been a year since the drama was premiered and in even after a year I still love this drama, Oska, Yesul, Taesun and their story!

More photos of Saturday night :)

Gemma ( on the left and Yesul on the right :)

Aren’t they pretty?

I’m in the middle at the back.

Yesul. She’s very photogenic.

Yesul doing Gemma’s hair.

Teasing and pouffing up her hair.

Yesul taking selfs and Gem and I in the background.