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YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSS I feel like I don't even have to say anymore than this and you know what to do.

(Playboy Sehun needs to come out for some fun times any ways haha :D)

1st Person- Gets a hug.

It suddenly got really cold in the bed and that’s when you realised that Sehun wasn’t next to you anymore. Wrapping yourself with the blankets on the bed you walked out into the living room. You found his leaning against the railing of the balcony, overlooking the lights of the city.

His silhouette against the night sky was absolutely breathtaking and you couldn’t hep but stand there and admire what is now your favourite view. Sehun released a deep sigh as you stood against the frame of the door. 

“It’s cold, come back to bed.” You pulled the blanket a little tighter as a rush of wind blew past. You had no idea how Sehun had managed to stand out here in just his boxer and for God knows how long. 

He turned his head back to you before gesturing you to walk forwards. Your feet came into contact with the cold hard tiled ground. Step by step you walked closer to him. He grabbed the ends of the blanket and snaked it off your body, the goosebumps already starting to form against your naked form. 

Wrapping it around him, he pulled you tight into a back hug, wrapping you within him and the blanket as well. His large warm arms wrapped around your middle. The warmth from him as well as the blanket enough to make the goosebumps subside. 

“Just a little longer.” He rested his chin against your shoulder as you both looked down at the lights. “This is my favourite time of the day. They city is so quiet and peaceful right now, and for a second, when I look over, I feel like my life is also at peace.”

You turned around in his embrace to plant a small kiss against his cheek. Your playboy might not be as simple as he lets on. This boy thinks, and has a lot to say, and no body has ever given him the time or space. You were determined to be that person who does, who listens more, who allows him to be who he is exactly. To not have to put on his hard protective shell. To let him be him, comfortably. 

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What made me go natural: ☆ European beauty standards ☆ Being told my natural hair wasn't pretty, but messy and nappy ☆ Being told I looked pretty with my hair straightened, but not natural ☆ Loved my curls and finally accepted them despite others


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SHINee 샤이니_2015 Comeback Trailer

Asking Exo for rough sex

Could you do their reaction to you asking if you could have rough sex with them?

I sure can ^o^ x


Suho: Are you serious? jagi don’t joke. Oh please god say your serious!

Baekhyun: Rough? *takes way to long to respond* We can give it a go ;)

Chanyeol: Uhhhh…. like right now?

D.O: *worried he might be too rough for you*

Kai: Whaaaaaaat? Well yeah I guess. 

Sehun: Now you’re speaking my langauge girl ;)

Xiumin: Do you know how long I’ve waited for this? *activate Daddy Xiumin*

Lay: Ahahahaha…Wait you serious? Now? Yeah okay 


Tao: You like it like that? Thank god

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Ugh I feel you. I also need 150 sub!Harry fics.


I mean, I totally get why everyone’s constantly putting the Eggsy one in compromising positions because he does have such wonderful expressions and those features, yum, I mean it’s just simply breath-taking to see his face twisted up in the midst of pleasure trying to contain himself and his heaving breaths as Harry trails down his bare side with gloved fingers and the sensation of leather on his heated skin and the constriction of the silken tie around his neck and the feeling of it over his eyes, heightening his senses and the sensation of fire and pleasure and Harry’s look of approval and small nods as Eggsy strains against his binds and tries so hard not to make noise even though his lips are cherry red and right flushed from biting down on them  OK I GET IT BUT:

Eggsy who knows just where to touch Harry and all the right places to do all the right things to make Harry Hart, usually ever the collected gentleman, come undone and he’s cheeky, teasing, but he’s incredibly gentle and attentive and practically worships his body like imagine Harry making small heated gasps as Eggsy slowly works him open all the while pressing reverent kisses into his shoulder, his other hand stroking circles around the side of Harry’s hips. Then later when they’re lying there, wrapped in each other’s arms, the sheets still a bit sticky between them but they’re too involved in each other’s eyes in the dim light to bother about it. Harry’s cupping the side of Eggsy’s jaw and just staring up at that pair of beautiful green hazel eyes and on his part, Eggsy is slowly, gently stroking through Harry’s hair slowly, soothingly, fingers lingering a bit by the scar on the side of his temple and both of them wondering how they got so lucky and Harry opens his mouth a little, makes a small noise to begin voicing his thoughts but the words crumble away in his mouth because even at his slightest of movements, Eggsy, who is ever so attentive, immediately jerks his head up to look to Harry with a small, soft “Hmm?” and his eyes - oh his eyes -  the depth of love and affection in his eyes makes his breath still and heart melt. 


So, I met a new coworker today and we were talking about another guy who brings a duffel bag of food every day because he’s training for a triathalon or something and needs to eat a lot. I mentioned to a coworker that I lift weights and eating when I’m trying to build muscle is such a pain because its always way more food than I think it is, and she said “I was gonna say, you look like you know about that a bit. Look at those arms!”