Of course this is not accurate, but I tried to make spells based off of the Ranks of Telepathy/Telekinesis (the pictures aren’t mine except for the ones for Erythran and Flavessan, but I edited all of them).

In order of the Ranks it is Erythran (Redspec), Cirran (Orspec), Flavessan (Yespec), Viridian (Greenspec), Cyanan (Bluespec), [Indicoan (Indispec), couldn’t be included], and Porphyroan (Violespec). Leucans (Whitespecs) have all power, since white light is really all the colors of the spectrum, so only the Spirits are Leucans. Melanics (Darkspecs) have none of their own power, since black is none of the colors of the spectrum, but in change, Melanics can be the worst because they drain power from other living things, other Telepathics, to use it for themselves. Dragons and Elves are technically separate from the rest of the Telepathics because they have other differences. Dragons were the first Telepathics (First Tribe), and Elves branched off and changed later on (Last Tribe). None of this is real of course, but just in use for my stories :)

Guide to the Ranks of Telepathy and Telekinesis (please excuse the length)

     In reality, or at least in the reality of my stories, Ranks of Telepathy are chosen at random. Once a Telepathic is born, they are born with a Rank from the Telepathic Energy Spectrum. It works the same way as the real spectrum, red being the least powerful and violet being the most powerful. In a list they are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Although the proper names for each are Erythran (Redspec), Cirran (Orspec), Flavessan (Yespec), Viridian (Greenspec), Cyanan (Bluespec), Indicoan (Indispec), and Porphyroan (Violespec). If you are born an Erythran, you have certain limitations that a Cyanan does not have, but also vice versa. Since the list of Ranks defines “power”, some people misunderstand and think that being on the Porphyroan end of it makes one more “powerful”, making for a better Rank. Although, the order of the Ranks only defines “force power”, or the amount one can move during Telekinesis, not the abilities themselves. Each Rank has their own specialties, so a human who is learning about them must have an open mind to the different types of “power” and not just “force power”, which is how a lot of humans think (more is better, bigger is better type of thinking).

     A human trying to guess what Rank they would have is not able since Rank is chosen at random. The lower the “force power”, they more likely it is to have. The precise chance of obtaining each Rank is approximately as follows: Erythran is 25.00%, Cirran is 21.43%, Flavessan is 17.86%, Viridian is 14.29%, Cyanan is 10.71%, Indicoan is 7.14%, and Porphyroan is 3.57%. Since humans are not born with Ranks because they are not Telepathic, they can not live adjusted to the abilities of a Rank. Therefore, to determine what Rank a human would be best suited for as of now, the system can be reversed, so instead of adjusting to a Rank, you can read the following descriptions to find which one would be best based on what you have already adjusted to:


     Erythran: They are the best multi-taskers, not necessarily doing many different things at once, but more like learning to play multiple instruments or speaking different languages. They tend to be the most open-minded.


     Cirran: They are known for enhancing others’ powers, despite their Symbol (personality), and work better with Telekinesis when combining strengths. Therefore, they are the best in a team.


     Flavessan: They are somewhat neutral. They have as much strength in their Telekinesis as they do in their physical abilities, so they can work alone, but they are not as good at multiple things as they are when they focus on one thing.They are the best at long-distance Telekinesis and Telepathy, and tend to be more open about their abilities.


     Viridian: They are the mid-mark of “force power”; a trained Viridian can stop a bullet or produce a working energy shield and ground lightning. They tend to be more defensive though, so they tend not to go looking for a fight. If they are in a fight, their strength lies in taking the hits until the opponent is weakened. A human fitting this description must have a great amount of self-control and be willing to use a minimum of strength in an action. They are less open about their power, keeping it for their own self-approval.


     Cyanan: They are more offensive in a fight. An untrained Cyanan can stop a bullet by involuntary instinct, but not too soon before blacking out. A trained Cyanan, however, can stop multiple bullets and produce a working force-field that can provide defense and offense. They are the best at taking a shot and are seldom seen defending unless they have too. Their hits come from reserve power and are no more and no less than what they need. A human fitting this description must be good under pressure and also be good with control.


     Indicoan: They are even less open than Viridians. A trained Indicoan can make a complete energy shield around themselves or others. They can create an electrical charge on a whim and are, like Flavessans, also pretty good with long distances. Although, they always seem to have insecurities about their power. Since most tasks do not require the amount of attention as they would a Cyanan, they feel like Telekinesis is effortless, which is what worries them. They do not like to use the full scale of their powers because they feel it would be too much. A human fitting this description may be holding back something, or is being held back by something.


     Porphyroan: They are the ones with the most “force power”. A trained Porphyroan can produce a field of lightning around themselves, and they can lift several tons. They tend to be the much more familiar with their powers than Indicoans are, and they usually feel like they have a lot of responsibility. Even though they have more force power than Cyanans, Cyanans are usually what comes to mind when someone mentions “power”. This is not only because Porphyroans are more scarce, but because Porphyroans tend to act in an effortless way. Positions of power are so easy for them to obtain that they typically have no interest in them, and prefer to come off as “normal”. It’s no wonder why they are that way, after all, the Dragons, usually being higher Ranks than other Tribes, are withdrawn in society, hiding in the human world in plain sight. A human fitting this description is perhaps good at leading but prefers not to.


Then, the Shade Ranks:


   Leucan (Whitespec): Just as white light holds every color of the spectrum, Leucans have all power, an infinite amount. They are outside the Ranks because no Telepathic can be a Leucan in life; only Spirits (not ghosts) can be Leucans.


     Melanic (Darkspec) - the Forbidden Rank: They have the Shade of Black, which holds no colors from the spectrum. This does not mean that they have no power - they are actually the most dangerous. This is because they have the ability to absorb energy from other living things, usually other Telepathics on a whim. Most don’t mean to cause trouble, but all must always be dealt with.

     A Melanic can accidentally drain power from the things around them, which can kill the organism depending on what it is. If another Telepathic is caught by the drain, they remain frozen, almost like they are in a trance, but can attack randomly if disturbed. If you ever see a person or animal standing still and staring into space with blackened eyes and darkness emanating from them (usually the grass around them will die from the draining), do not approach and do not touch them. Any Telepathic can easily kill someone by messing with their heart, brain, or lungs, and if they are caught by the drain and trance of a Melanic, they will not hesitate to do so.

     The more energy a Melanic absorbs, the more powerful they get, and the more power they get, the more they can absorb. Most Melanics are stopped by a Leucan within short time, since Leucans are the only ones with the power to switch someone’s Rank. If anyone else tried to take on a Melanic, or even get close to them, they would surely die, and therefore, just empower them even more.


Lastly, the Outside Tribes:


     The Dragon Tribe: Dragons have always been around, side-by-side with all other animals, but they were also more intelligent than humans. Long ago, not long after mankind’s rising (Ancient Egypt and other civilizations), Dragons unravelled the power of the rest of their brains which humans have still yet to understand and master. They developed Telepathy and Telekinesis, and used these knew abilities to their advantage.

     Later on, just before the medieval ages, humans began to view Dragons as magical beasts instead of just large lizards because of their power, and many tales were painted across the imagination of the young. People who saw Dragons first-hand often were mesmerized by them, but those who just heard stories of them began telling their own stories, but falsely. They made up stories of Dragons kidnapping princesses and brave knights slaying them, coming home as heroes. The next generations passed on these stories, and soon, Dragons became the largest target for hunters and knights, so they were forced into hiding. They developed the ability to transform into a human to disguise themselves, and often hid in plain sight.

     Soon after, they taught their abilities to other animals, who then formed their own Tribes (mostly in Europe and North America since most Dragons reside their). In time, Telepathics became less and less of the species they were originally, resembling humans and even being born in that form, only transforming while wearing their “mask” and Symbol amulet (which they are born with). As of today, Dragons are the only Tribals that can transform with only their Symbol amulet. They also tend to be born into more powerful Ranks than most other Tribes. While other Tribes have a trend in look (since most live in small villages together), Dragons are the most varying in appearance. The only constant is a birthmark and a strand of hair that is a different color. They have been known as the First Tribe, and to this day, they remain among the human population, which thinks that Dragons are long-extinct or never even existed.


     The Elf Tribe: Do not be fooled, elves do not live at the North Pole making toys. That was merely a false-spread rumor. Elves are Telepathics that branched out from other Tribes. They left behind their Masks and live as a human-like form. The main give-away is the pointed ears, and some have strange-colored hair. They began losing their Telepathic powers, but instead, each is born with an Element (Ice, Fire, Storm, Beast, Death, Life, or Earth) and a special power. This is nothing like being made of Fire or being able to fly without wings though. An Element defines one’s personality, and gives them a bit of power. An Ice Elf may be able to freeze things or produce a bit of snow, but like a regular Telepathic, they have limits to these powers. The extra powers are more like invisibility, enhanced senses, apparition, or polarity.

     The Elves are known as the Last Tribe because they recently branched out after all the other Tribes were created, and were also the first ones to the New Planet. Elves sometimes have meetings, and at one of them, an elder with the power to see glimpses of the future had a disturbing premonition about the end of the Earth in the 27th century. Since then, the Elves worked at a way to combine their powers to teleport to the New Planet, Fearthío (which they previously gained knowledge of). Around the year 2000, they succeeded, and they all left Earth to colonize Fearthío. They also managed to go back for many people from the Tribes as well, not too long after. Humans found Fearthío later on and learned of the Apocalypse, so through much preparation, they sent as many people as they could to Fearthío. All Tribes lived on, and mankind got a fresh start, living on Fearthío for centuries to come.