yesiamazian said: everytime that i try and draw i get distracted or give up and cry. everyone on my skype is like gone?? its weird i mean its saturday why are they sleeping so early

yeah i havent used msn, skype or anything in like forever because everytime i go on there’s no one online so its like fuck u all

mombattss-deactivated20130403 said:

Dude..i'm really sorry you're recieving so much hate for the picture =w= You removed it and people are still acting like immature babies about it. And the person who said that it's not okay to edit and then they edit pictures, is such a hypocrite they shouldn't even be getting on you about it. Official art is no different than art made by small artists.

Yes Yes. Thank you and I agree.

 yesiamazian said my next holiday is martin luther king i think lol its just a day i have all my hard classes this term though sob except at least i have bio back instead of pe owo wuts your classes? jw

i checked and my next holiday is on feb 18 wow someone kill me (i dont have any days off this month)
tomorrow i have art, english, french and world history
your classes change each term? i have the same schedule all year hehehe it sucks but ya 

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maybe you should just stop responding to her? or flat out say you won’t change it and nothing she says will make you change the design. you could try giving her examples of characters with more similar looks than hers and yours if she wont stop to.

For now I’m just trying to be reasonable, and I hope she will be too. I told her that I’ll think about changing some aspects of the character, but I’d like to keep it the way it is now.

yesiamazian replied to your postSomeone I’ve never seen before in my life…

wow..i just looked between the links that the person said where her character and at your’s and honestly I barely see a resemblence just the hair and even her character’s hair is longer than your character’s. And that hair style is very popular o-o

Yeah, honestly though, like so many characters have the same hairstyles. I wasn’t trying to copy her and agh just I wish she would leave it alone and move on