“Did you mean it?”

Sam blinks into the darkness, turning to face Dean in bed.

“Mean what?” He whispers.

He’s glad its dark, he’s having trouble looking Dean in the eye lately. His stomach rolls and he bites at his lip when he tries.

“What you said earlier. In the cabin,” Dean swallows, his voice shot.

What? That Sam can’t lose him? Can’t go on knowing Dean is a demon again, that he failed again?

“Yes. You know I did, I do,” Sam whispers back, his long fingers finding their way to his brothers scruffy face.

He feels Dean close his eyes slowly, letting Sam map out the strong jaw, his lips, his eyes.

“I know you doubt yourself, Dean. I doubt myself. I understand,” Sam says softly.

Dean grunts in embarrassment but only pulls Sam close with an arm around his waist so he can shove his face into his little brothers neck.

“I just need you to believe in me, in us,” he sighs and wraps his arms around Dean’s head, carding fingers into soft hair.

“I do. I do believe in us. I’m just…I don’t trust all these spell books and people who say they can help me. It’ll all back fire, baby,” Dean murmurs into his neck.

Sam thinks about his plan. What he’s about to do tomorrow. Who he’s going to go see.

“I don’t either but we have to figure this out. So we can have our feet in the sand, Dean,” Sam breathes.

Dean sucks in a shuddering breath, rolling Sam onto his back. Sam spreads his legs, knowing this is comfort.

“Please don’t do anythin’ stupid, Sammy. I can’t lose you either, baby boy,” Dean begs, mouth opening against Sam’s neck.

Sam opens up to Dean’s mouth, both of them breathing hard and desperate.

“We gotta get our feet in that sand, Sammy,” Dean huffs against his mouth, one hand to Sam’s face and another cradling the back of his head.

“Yeah, yeah, Dean. I know, I’m gonna get us there,” Sam gasps, Dean pressing his lips to his neck as they press against one another in fearful need.

Sam’s gonna get them to that beach.

Sooooooo my team leader has FINALLY decided I’m ready to start building covers ON DEADLINE.

How freaking cool is that?

Catching Robin up on Supernatural Last Night (started from Book of the Damned): otherwise known as, Robin the Bitter Sam Snail strikes again:

  • WOW Dean, really?? Really?! Fuck you!
  • Oh, I can see why you were so angry last week, this is bullshit.
  • Oh Sam.
  • NO don’t burn the book! Throw another book in the fire!! WHAT are you doing?!
  • YES! I KNEW Sam wouldn’t let me down. Thank GOD for the brains of this outfit, well obviously Charlie is the brains too.
  • How is noone noticing how sad he looks? Why is everyone terrible?
  • GOOD, go get shit done Sam, someone needs to!

  • *both of us simultaneously* “YESSS STAB HIM IN THE BRAIN”
  • Puppies are cute Dean.
  • This is a really good episode - me: “join us in our plans for letting Robert Berens write everything ever” - “good plan”.
  • OH SAM.
  • So if you liked purgatory so much Dean why did you abuse Sam for a year over it?!
  • OH she was the box! Why is Sam’s life so upsetting?
  • Get him to a hospital please!

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Avengers/pacific rum

I… got an Ask??? O.O

Um, okay, okay, no sweat, I can do this! Gonna go with the idea that you meant Pacific Rim, though. Let’s see…

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Hello. Who do you ship with Sam?

Hi, Anon. 

the first thing you need to know about me is that i ship everything in some way, shape or form. So the short answer is everyone

however i loooooovvvvveeeeee Sabriel thanks to my lovely ho bluaceofhearts for making me a slide show to help me see the light

i kinda ship wincest in a ‘yeah ok whatever’ way and Sastiel is pretty bomb too

  • This is a conversation between Castiel (Memory Loss) and yourself, Sam Winchester.
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*sits at a park bench, watching the ducks curiously*
  • Sam Winchester:Hey! Cas?
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*jumps, scared, and looks at the person* Hello? How do you know my name?
  • Sam Winchester:Cas, I'm Sam, Sam Winchester
  • Sam Winchester:Dean's brother
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*raises an eyebrow and turns back to the ducks* I don't know anyone by those names.
  • Sam Winchester:Yes you do! You're like family to us.
  • Sam Winchester:What do you remember? What happened to you?
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*scoots farther down the bench away from him* You wouldn't know my family. I don't know what you're talking about. Now if you excuse me, I'm waiting for someone.
  • Sam Winchester:Waiting? For who?
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*looks up sternly* That is none of your business.
  • Sam Winchester:Look *takes out phone, and shows him a photo of him, Dean and himself*, see?
  • Sam Winchester:That's you Castiel.
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*squints at the phone* That can't be me. *thinks* Maybe you're looking for a Jimmy? That he looks quite a bit similar to me.
  • Sam Winchester:It's you! Holy mother of God, Castiel. I'm not lying.
  • Sam Winchester:You're my friend.
  • Sam Winchester:Now tell me, who are you waiting for?
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*looks around and then up to him* I'm just waiting for my brother. I'm sorry, Sam, I really don't recall ever coming into contact with you. Of course, I know of you and your brother, who doesn't? But my missions have never required me to come into contact with you. And to be quite honest, both of you carry a lot of trouble wherever you go.
  • Sam Winchester:Wait, wait, wait.
  • Sam Winchester:Your missions have never required contact us?
  • Sam Winchester:It's been years of relation!
  • Sam Winchester:We need you. Dean needs you.
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):I've been working with my garrison trying to preserve humanity. After the gates of hell, the apocalypse, and whatever else you and your brother have stuck your heads into, my job has been to try and patch everything up... We've never met! How can you need me?
  • Sam Winchester:we have met.
  • Sam Winchester:you have been in the bunker with us.
  • Sam Winchester:you protect us.
  • Sam Winchester:WE NEED YOU.
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*shakes his head* So let's say we do know each other. What happened? I don't have any gaps in my memories. Angels remember everything.
  • Sam Winchester:Well, it seems like your memories have been stolen
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):But why would that happen? I'm closer with my family more so than ever! My brother Metatron and I were just about to go for a walk and then visit the library. He would never hurt me. Neither would my other brothers and sisters.
  • Sam Winchester:Metatron?!
  • Sam Winchester:How could you even think of him like a good person?
  • Sam Winchester:I can't believe it Cas, and I'm sorry but I have to do this *knocks him out and take him to the bunker*
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):Yes, Sam, Metatron. God chose him to write down his word, of course he is a good person. What are you doi--*gets knocked out*
  • Sam Winchester:*after tying Cas up, wakes him up*
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*looks around furiously* What do you think you're doing, Sam!?
  • Sam Winchester:I'm keeping you inside this room until Dean comes.
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):And what's he going to do? Spew the same story that you spewed at me? That won't change anything.
  • Sam Winchester:No, I hope that you see him and remember everythin.
  • Sam Winchester:The bond between you two is really big.
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*shakes his head* That's not going to work. Angels aren't supposed to form bonds unless their specifically a guardian. I follow the rules, Sam.
  • Sam Winchester:Your relationship with Dean it's different.
  • Sam Winchester:I'll risk to say that you two want eachother.
  • Sam Winchester:In... in a not no manly way, but we won't say that to Dean *smirks*
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):Hmph. *struggles with the bonds to no avail* I guess we'll just have to wait and find out then, since you TOOK ME HOSTAGE! Metatron probably already noticed that I'm missing and is on his way. I'm tired of you Winchesters always getting out of the messes you cause with no consequences, he won't let that happen.
  • Sam Winchester:*Dean walks in* "What's going on here? Why is Cas tied up?"
  • Sam Winchester:He doesn't remember us.
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*his eyes flick up to Dean, staring for a long moment and his wings flicker in to visibility. He shakes his head* What was that?
  • Sam Winchester:See?
  • Sam Winchester:You remember him.
  • Sam Winchester:"He remembers what? Me? *Dean freaks out* "I don't know what's going on here, Sam"
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*shakes his head* I-I don't know what's happening. It's like there's two timelines in my head... Dean? You feel familiar.
  • Sam Winchester:"That's because you know me dumbass. We're family."
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):But we're not, I thought. I shouldn't know you. I don't know you... but I do. *stutters out words looking back and forth between them*
  • Sam Winchester:You have been part of the team since you took Dean out from Hell.
  • Sam Winchester:You saved him, Cas.
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*nods his head* I-I think I remember that. But how could I forget something that big?
  • Sam Winchester:"Metatron hates us" *Dean explains* "I bet this has something to do with him."
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):But Metatron is one of my closest brothers, he wouldn't do that.
  • Sam Winchester:Oh, believe me. He would.
  • Sam Winchester:He's not your brother, he took your grace.
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):Metatron wouldn't do that. It's against code and basically murder! How would you like it if I accused your brother of that?
  • Sam Winchester:"Cas please, listen to me" *says Dean*
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):Fine. I'm just confused. Nothing is adding up. I don't know who to trust.
  • Sam Winchester:"You need to remember, you need to remember that time that you hit the shit out of me, just because upstairs were wanting you to end me. You beat me until I couldn't resist anymore."
  • Sam Winchester:"And... and I told you that we need you, that I need you" *he points out* "That you're our family."
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*looks Dean in the eyes and his wings go full again* Dean? Sam? I'm sorry.
  • Sam Winchester:You remember us? *smirks*
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*thinks silently and deeply while he nods his head a few times* I....I remember.
  • Sam Winchester:Thank God!
  • Sam Winchester:"That's awesome!"
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*grins* Now, um, *looks at chains* would you mind untying me?
  • Sam Winchester:yeah, yeah, of course *leans closer and undo the nots*
  • Sam Winchester:Thank God you're back *sights* We need to figure out who did this *looks up at Dean*
  • Castiel (Memory Loss):*stands up and crosses his arm* I think I have an idea...
  • Castiel (Memory Loss) has left the conversation.
miilesluna replied to your post:Do you still like Sam sand dean


how could you after all we’ve been through 

tomsawyermaneuver replied to your post : Do you still like Sam sand dean

#yes i do even though i don’t really watch the show anymore. Hell yeah, team “doesn’t really watch spn anymore but will ship wincest till the end of time”

hell yes i have no idea what is going on in the show but i still say ‘yes gooood’ and like any wincest related things

To you...

Yes, I do. I believe.
That one day I will be where I was…
Right there next to you.

It’s hard.
The days seems so dark.
The moon, the stars are nothing without you.

Your touch, your skin.
No words can explain, the way I’m missing you.

This emptiness, this hole inside.
These tears, they tell their own story.

You told me not to cry when you where gone.
But the feeling is overwhelming, it’s too strong.

Can I lay by your side?
Next to you and make sure you’re alright.
I’ll take care of you.
I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight.

I’m reaching out to you.
Can you hear my call?
I’m missing you, missing you like crazy.

Lay me down tonight, by your side.
Next to you.

Stay with me. Always.

Lyrics from the song “Lay me down” from Sam Smith

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*sighs* serious? You and him? And you trust him? He's in public eye exactly.. I don't want us to go through the same that it was with Leon.. I can't see you like that again.. *looks at you clenching my jaw* -Sam xx

*Frowns* yes…I do trust him.. he’s a good guy, why can’t you see that? *sighs* Jay is nothing like Leon.. Leon was a waste of space that I ruined 2 years of my life with.. Jay isn’t like that…