What really will be happening in the last 5 seconds of the season finale
  • Sam:Please, Dean, I am your little brother, remember?
  • Dean:I don't have a brother.
  • (Dean raises the first blade and swings it down.)
  • Dean:I only had a sister.
  • (Camera zooms out and we see Sam kneeling on the floor surrounded by heaps of his hair and clutching his new short haircut.)

"Three of you ought to be sufficient to make lady piggy squeal. All you’ve got to do is get past the bastard."

wintersrchild asked:

Imagine Steve discovering Twitter and how much influence Captain America has, so he starts twitting about stuff like LGBT rights and campaigns to rise awareness and social justice and it actually helps a lot of people.

Contrary to popular belief, while Steve Rogers may have been 95 years old, he was not incompetent with technology. Very much the opposite, actually. SHIELD cooped him up for a considerably long time. When they finally allow Steve to explore the digital world for himself, he takes advantage of his super-serum in arguably the least glamorous way possible: staying up for 72 hours attempting to learn everything about the internet. Which, Steve learns, after skimming over the history of cronuts on Wikipedia at 5 o’ clock in the morning, is impossible.

However, what catches his attention is the social networking site Twitter, and his strangely overwhelmingly large influence on it. He’d thought that Tony Stark / Iron Man would be the reigning Avenger there, considering his technological power, but he’s been reliably informed that ever since the Chitauri Invasion of New York, Tony has been solidly billed down to number two on the Twitter popularity scale, and the hashtag #whatwouldcapdo is always trending.   

When he delves into the tag, he finds out a lot of people are using his image to promote their own beliefs; some he’s completely horrified by (He fought the Nazis, for god’s sake, why was a Neo-Nazi organization trying to affiliate with him), some he agrees with (vaccination is wonderful), and some he doesn’t quite understand. Sam tells him briefly about social justice, about trans struggles, feminism, racism, the LGBTIA+ movement, and Steve spends another few days looking everything up and absorbing the histories and developments behind them (in the process, also finding out a new acronym, MOGII, was a much more inclusive term than LGBTIA+).         

Sam helps him make a twitter, and Natasha makes sure that the person who took the original Captain America handle hands the url over, even though Steve tells her it’s fine. Steve later sends his condolences. Nat was brutal.

Steve uses his privileges to promote awareness for these issues, but never speaks on their behalf, instead rallying support for campaigns, petitions, talk shows and more, concisely in his 140 character word limit. He also begins to dismantle the tweets that use his name to bolster their oppressive views.

Within a few days, #CAPSMACKDOWN is trending worldwide.   

(Twitter’s servers almost overload a year after when Steve comes out as bisexual at one of the MOGII campaigns he’s supporting. #bisexualrogers2k15)

Do you ever just sit there and study someone?
How they sit
How they move
How their hair curls
How they breathe
How they fidget
How their nose does that cute twitchy thing sometimes
How they react to funny thing

Do you ever just study how great someone is?


Just gotta wait for my friend.

*clears throat and puts megaphone up to face * I hate the superwholock fandom, they over react and piss off too many people. I await the anon hate so I may laugh at your ridiculousness.

Just finished rewatching 5x16.

Apart from the absolutely delicious way John is framed in that episode, which is 100% my jam, I’m still not sure I get where the ‘soulmates’ interpretation for Sam and Dean comes from. I’m aware it’s an old discussion, but since I’m fresh out of the episode, why not add some to it.

The things we learn about the nature of Heaven are:

- That there is a path that runs through it called the Axis Mundi

- That in certain special cases, like for soulmates, people can share a Heaven

- That normally, people are stuck in their own Heavens, however it’s still possible to hack the system and find ways to travel trough Heaven using its paths, i.e. it’s still possible to travel via the Axis Mundi and get access to other people’s Heavens that way

- That personal Heavens are places where you relive your happy memories

At the beginning, Dean is reliving the memory of one of he 4th of July’s he spent with his brother. Cas contacts Dean and leads him to find his representation of the Axis Mundi, that is a road, and through that reach Sam, who is in another part of Heaven, reliving a different memory. When Dean gets there, he is ignored by the other people in the room, by the people in Sam’s memories. From now on, we see the boys relieve different memories, all of which are either Sam’s or Dean’s. In Dean’s memories, the real Sam is not present and is ignored, and viceversa for Sam’s memories.

Their memories are what constitutes their Heavens, but all of them are separated. Even though they travel in them together, they are never really together in their Heavens, they are simply visiting together different rooms that either belong to one or the other using the Axis Mundi to move from one room, or memory, to another.

Dean even gets pretty offended that Sam seems to have a very different idea of Heaven than him, and accuses Sam of thinking of Heaven as all the times he left his family (and therefore left Dean, in Dean’s eyes), though it’s not how Sam interprets his happy memories, which for him have more to do with finally being independent and “away from Dad”.

In the end, Dean has concluded that Sam doesn’t feel about Dean the same way that Dean feels about Sam, considering how their happiest moments look so different.

So not only they don’t share memories, which are what makes up people’s Heavens, which therefore already means that Sam and Dean don’t share a Heaven, but Dean’s even upset about the way Sam’s Heaven looks. This is the last straw for Dean, who gives up his faith in the relationship with his brother, and in the end makes a point of throwing away the Samulet before Sam’s eyes, as if to show Sam that to him it has lost its meaning.

So I feel that the B-plot point of the episode that refers to the state of Sam and Dean’s relationship is pretty much sustained by the fact that Sam and Dean don’t share a Heaven.


I have been lying to you. Since the day that we met. Ok, no surprise there. Alright, let me start over. Ummm……I didn’t travel to the Cape when I was a kid. Well, we didn’t travel anywhere. No one ever left Corwich. Not until the war came. And my regiment went off to fight the British. […] I know historical events really really well. That’s because I lived them. And events from my childhood….they’re so sketchy because I haven’t been a child since the 1760s. Alright, it’s not making sense. It’s not making sense. It’s not making logical sense. But listen. You’ve been thinking it. Something is off. Every time that I have made a bad excuse or every time that I haven’t been there for you. Or made you question yourself. Now I didn’t want that for you, Kat.

You deserve the truth.

tbh it breaks my frickin heart that iron man and captain america comics these days haven’t and won’t be making top ten lists or best marvel comics lists for an extremely long time

Fic: Good to You

Sam Yao muses on how easily Runner Five somehow managed to slip into his life, and how impossible it would be now to let her go.

(Sam/Five). More shameless fluff than is healthy for you?? Spoilers up to s2m15.


My name is Sam Yao, and I am an idiot.

Because you know what’s not a place conducive to romance? The zombie apocalypse. Yet who apparently is trying to strike up said romance? This guy.

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