People never seem to learn… don’t mess with a valkyrie

Painted a thing in preparation for my funeral aka the Lost Girl final season premiere tomorrow. RIP me.

Prompt from andthestarsaregoneTFW; bunker fic; “It was all because of the gerbils.”

First, I apologize for taking months to fill this. I adjusted the prompt line slightly. Please pretend there is a pet store near Lebanon. My research shows it at a distance. Canon universe, S10-ish, 1.2k of misunderstandings. No warnings but heed the disclaimer.


"I’m sorry we’re late,” Cas says hurriedly, taking a seat at the table. His cheeks are flushed, like he’s been running. “It was because of the gerbils."

Dean takes a second to blink and make sure he heard that correctly. “Gerbils?” he echoes.

"At the pet store," Cas clarifies. "They had babies. Sam took me to visit them again." He smiles fondly.

"Course he did," Dean mutters, ignoring the ache in his chest. "Here. Eat."

He slides a burger across the kitchen table to Cas, who licks his lips, puts both hands on the edge of the plate, and slides it directly in front of his chest.

"Thank you, Dean," he says with reverence, as if this burger isn’t just a burger, but a relic.

"It’s probably cold," Dean dismisses when Sam walks into the room and joins them at the table. Cas beams at him before meeting Dean’s eyes again.

"Did you already eat?" Cas guesses. He looks apologetic, but that doesn’t stop him from picking up the burger and biting into it. 

"Wasn’t waiting for you jerks," Dean says and gets up to start the dishes.

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