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Does it bother you when people repost your art even if they provide credit?


See, drawing frequently doesn’t make the whole process anymore easy for me. I spent 2-3 or even more hours per piece, and during that time, I am constantly faced with questions about whether it’s good enough, whether I’m good enough. Am I just wasting my time? What’s the point of all of this?… But then posting it, seeing people liking/reblogging/commenting on my drawings, it makes it all worth it. It keeps me going. 

But then again, seeing people doing the bare minimum of screencaping/saving and then re-uploading them wherever, bombarding my drawings with filters and hashtags, getting the likes/follows/reblogs that THEY DON’T DESERVE, it really annoys me. 

“but it’s so pretty i wanna share it” thank you, I appreciate it, but I’d rather do that on my own terms. That’s why i have this blog, that’s the reason I made an instragram account.

“i want my friends to see it” you can tag them on the original post???? it’s not hard? everyones doing it, get with the time. 

Oh and yesterday on instagram, someone reposted my drawings and so I commented on their page telling them to stop, and they were like, “why I gave you credit” so I said “What I want to do or not do with my drawings is all up to me” and they were just??? “Why are you so hostile? if you’re gonna be this mean maybe you don’t deserve people reposting your drawings” so naturally, i asked if telling people not to repost my drawings makes me ‘mean’ and ‘hostile’ and they said, “no but telling people not to post your drawings (((so that’s a yes?))) and then attacking me after” so again, I asked when I was attacking them and they either blocked me or deactivated after that…… 

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on a less serious note. imagine vision going to the grocery store and people staring at the purple guy with a gold cape buying doritos

vision asking someone what the best brand to get of something is and being helped out by the slightly terrified but very friendly dude in aisle 3

him humming a lil tune as he strolls to the checkout politely smiling at all the people looking at him with their mouths slightly open

the cashier just staring at him for a minute before she realizes he’s holding money out to her

a little girl pulling on her mom’s pant leg and whispering “why isnt anyone in OUR family purple”

vision hearing her and smiling to himself

yes omg i am totally here for vision doing the grocery shopping





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- { Okay. Just a little amount of asks I got lately because people hate my Singed for being a genderbend. I probably know who sent those asks, but I won’t name them. I just wanted to say that the community was quite alright before all of this gender business started to happen. Yes, I am a cis straight white woman and I am NOT a homophobe and neither a transphobic person! Besides, neither of you actually seemed to register the amount of character development I try to do for this blog, the fact I am roleplaying Singed as a scientist and not as someone who is like “BOOM BANG CHEMISTRY HEXTECH BITCHES!” and that is what makes me upset. But to be honest, most of drama in this community is caused by the group around a certain roleplayer that I won’t name and it’s primary targets seem to be either genderbending blogs (even ones who have a character development and don’t spread legs for everyone at every meme) and blogs that go for straight ship. Throw rocks at me, but it’s true. Most of you say that the roleplaying is supposed to be fun… I CALL THIS A BULLSHIT! If you wanted to make the community a better place, you would respect people’s decisions and you wouldn’t try to bully them with anonymous messages and tell them to die! Just think of yourself… you act like kids even though you claim you are twenty+. 


I really don’t care if I lose every single one of my followers for this post.  I feel the need to say something that has been heavy on my heart for a while, but now, I’m just ready to say it.  Yes, I am pro-life.  There’s a reason it’s called “pro-life” and not “anti-choice”. 

There are so many things wrong with the pro-choice argument “women should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies!”

I agree with the statement.  I believe EVERYONE should have a right over their OWN bodies.  But the fact is, when you’re pregnant, guess what?  That baby growing inside you is NOT YOUR BODY.  That’s another living human being with a beating heart and a unique DNA code that no one else on the earth has. 

That baby IS NOT YOUR BODY.  You should not get to decide if that living child ever sees the light of a sunrise, or feels the warm hug of a mom or dad. 

If you don’t want your baby, there are MILLIONS of couples out there who can’t have one themselves.  They would love that child and give them the opportunity to have a life. 

Again, you can all unfollow me, but this needed to be said.  If I loose all my followers and don’t change anyone’s perspective, I’ll still be happy I stood up for what I believe. 

Have a great day, whoever you are reading this. 

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I can't seem to find it on here, but what was the last Sims 3 Lacelot story that ended with Nil cursing them and they got one do-over (which you used for a good life in Sims 4)? It's where their daughter was a colorshifter if I am remembering correctly?

Yes, that’s who Hope is actually.

The story is Nil’s Revenge. It was special Lacelot story written on my Lacelot Blog for the followers over there and it was the bridge between Sims 3 and Sims 4 Lacelot. Sadly I lost my mojo near the end and it is just words for the back end of the tale. ,_,

Nil’s Revenge

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Really?! Okay… just because i am bored af :DD

1:What is the real reason you are confused right now? I am owerhelmed by everything that happens in my life. 

2:Do you ever get “good morning” texts from anyone? Yes and “good night” too :)

3:If your significant other smoked pot, would you care? Yes, of course!

4:Do you find it easy to trust others? Absolutely not. Everyone betrays.

5:What were you doing at 11PM last night? Laying in my bed trying to sleep.

6:You’re drunk and lost walking down the road; who is with you? Nobody I guess

7:What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on? Yell at him first and then walk away from him. Forever.

8:Are you close with your dad? 50/50

9:I bet you kissed someone last night, right? I wish I did.

10:What are you listening to? Imagine dragons <3

11:You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life - what is it? H2O

12:Do you like hickeys? YES! So hot.

13:What time do you go to bed? about midnight.

14:Is there someone who continuously lets you down? Yes.

15:Can you text as quickly with one hand as you do both? Naah :D

16:Do you always answer your texts? Yes, I hate when I am ignored tho.

17:Do you hate the person you fell the hardest for? Nah, why should I?

18:When was the last time you talked to one of your best friends? A few hours ago

19:Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them? Yes :)

20:What was your last thought before you went to bed last night? I am so fucking tired of my fucking life.

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thank you for your answer to my ask about autistic language, it made a lot of sense. i guess what i wonder/worry about--and i'm not saying it's your responsibility to answer, you are not the Grand Arbiter of How We Communicate and i don't wanna push that on you--is like. am i "allowed" (in the figurative sense, no one's going to physically stop me) to sit down and pass stones? even if i'm not "speaking"? even if i'm doing it "wrong" and just getting sensory pleasure from the stones?

Yes you can do whatever you want with stones and anyone who tells you otherwise is an asshole.

I’ve been told that (some of the time) I don’t rock the way “real autistic people” rock. I rock many different ways and I have seen other autistic people doing every single one of them. So when people say things like that I know it’s from ignorance at best and malice at worst.

I also got told real autistic people flap hands up and down not side to side. Funny, when I was in special ed I saw very young autistic kids doing both. I do both. Good grief some people will find anything to nitpick.

I call them the Stim Police and hold them in very low regard. Any movement or activity that you do is valid no matter why or how or when you learned it as long as you’re not like… Throwing rocks at people or something. And yeah I’m not the arbiter of this but I know it’s true.

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YES TO YOUR POST ABOUT EMERAUDE AS IZZY! Love the poc casting for both her and Simon! Wondering about what you think about the casting for Alec :) Do you think they should/will make him poc as well, and make the entire Lightwood family latino?



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Hey! I just started following you and I wanted to ask. In reference to your last post, finding out that you used to be a feminist, when was the moment that you changed over? And what's a slutwalk? o.o

It was originally a way to speak out against people who use what the girl was wearing against rape victims, but has more devolved into speaking out against a non existent “rape culture” and generally walking around mostly naked and complaining about issues that are nonexistent. I’m all for women being able to wear what they want and for rape victims never being blamed, but I do find the whole thing to be quite tacky and overshadowing real victims.

Yes, I used to be a Feminist, my parents are both Feminists and I grew up around it, but it’s not just a case that I went “my parents are Feminists and so I am too!” I was interested in Feminism and reiterated all the tired old myths. As I grew older I had mainly male friends, and I started to see that it’s not only women who have problems. I have also always been a skeptic, and through talking to other skeptics and watching other skeptics youtube channels who disagreed with Feminism, I started to see the problems and then cracks began to appear, and my whole faith in Feminism fell.

I was originally not fully against it, just wouldn’t call myself a Feminist and didn’t like it, but then I came to tumblr and was just disgusted with what I found. Then I created this blog around July last year, and now here we are!

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Why do you care if Kayla itsines reposted your quote? If it were me I would be happy that my kind words were reaching people outside of tumblr and everyone knows that she doesn't write the inspirational quotes that she posts because a lot of times they're famous quotes. I wouldn't worry about it but do what makes you happy

Yes I am flattered she liked it enough to share it. but if it isn’t yours, give credit where it is due ALWAYS, it is literally just fairness. 

A lot of things have struck me recently.

There are things in life that we can change. Like, how we handle money, or finding a new job. You can also choose a relationship you want with a person. As some of you may know, I recently became a Christian and, although it’s helped me tremendously, it also comes with baggage. Meaning, people will always judge you, whether you are a Christian or not. Yes, I’m in a committed relationship with a man, and yes, we are getting married, but do not judge me solely on that. Also, do not tell me “You’re gay and a Christian? That still doesn’t help you.” Well, thank you so much for pointing that out to me. But guess what, you aren’t helping either by telling me how terrible I am. We, as Christians, are suppose to spread the Word with love and kindness. Do not say that I am going to hell just by one decision I have made in my life. I can’t change who I am, but you can change how you act. 

All of this took place as I was getting coffee after church this afternoon. I walked in, got coffee for me and my fiance and explained to my coworker what a lovely service we had today. Then some man comes up to me and cares to explain that although I call myself a “Christian” I’m still going to hell because of the life I live. Excuse me sir, but I believe I have a wonderful life and just because I’m in a relationship with a man, that doesn’t affect my life solely on that. 

I’m just so frustrated and angry, that I don’t know what to say at this point anymore. I’m staying positive, but I’m tired of all this negativity. 

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Hey, Yes I do know that people have been killed for being white (but that is a significant minority compared to the amount of people killed for being black). And yes, I do care, because believe it or not I am a human being. Don't try to dehumanize me because I don't agree with you.

Don’t try to dehumanize me because I don’t agree with you.

Don’t put words into my mouth.  Never once did I dehumanize you.

And you just admitted white people do get killed for racism, and yet racism against whites doesn’t exist?  Are you also aware that white people used to be slaves?  

Or what about if a white person came into a non white country?  Where’s your “whites can’t experience racism” then?

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i didn't realize i shipped hoseok and hunchul until the end of "never let me go" and now im just.. wow.. where did these feelings come from i am not okay..

°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° BUT YES! hochul is another one of those otps that i dragged carboxyls into when i got her into bangtan heheheoho. not only do they have real solid history, they look damn good together too. nice. i wont share too much of my headcanon rn (because im going to write them into yak au properly hehe so plz anticipate) but they definitely meet through namjoon!! –nikkumeul

nikkumeul once was like “OKAY LISTEN UP BITCH TODAY’S LESSON IS HOSEOK/HUNCHUL” and i was like “wtf? what?” and then she spread the gospel and i was like oh mgy d. oh mgyd o. hand it over. but yes, as mentioned, they’re gonna make an appearance in yak au soon!

as for soulmate au HAHA when i told nikkumeul about them she lost her shit. so hoseok goes through a bunch of substitute teachers when taehyung is gone and one day this jung hunchul swags in and he’s like tf? bro looks like he beats up people for fun why is he here? but as it turns out hunchul is SO GREAT with kids. they’re all a little scared of him at first bc he wears all black and stuff but as they quickly find he’s a very fun tree to climb and hoseok is huh. damn. i didn’t see that coming.

and as mentioned during nap hour there is always one or two kids that can’t seem to settle, and hunchul is like “hey! i’ll take a nap too. why don’t you lie down and keep me company? it’ll be a really important job!” and the kid is like :o! okay! and he really ends up falling asleep, and it’s the quietest nap hour hoseok remembers in a long time. 

he and taehyung usually discuss lesson plans when the kids are sleeping, but now that hunchul is knocked out he really can’t do much so he goes over to make sure all of the kids are comfortable and ends up lying down in the empty space beside hunchul, but when they wake him his face is pillowed on hunchul’s arm and hunchul is looking at him like O_O and all the kids are awake. and they’re like “haha! you don’t do that with taehyung seonsaengnim!”

and then hoseok wakes up the next morning with a bruised temple. 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) –carboxyls

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So (no spoilers I swear) I literally just got back from watching Avengers Age of Ultron (no really it finished half an hour ago) and this is what you've done to me because I spent quite a substantial time of it thinking- no steve Loki won't like that. Stop doing that Steve stop talking like that Steve. STEVE LOKI WILL BE VERY CROSS WITH YOU!!!

oh man but I want to know about all of the moments you were thinking this because while I definitely had a few I will need to watch again to think properly about Steve/Loki in the context of Age of Ultron (look, I am who I am and that person is Steve/Loki trash, just accept it)

(I definitely know he would not be happy about anything having to do with his scepter and it is his okay stop meddling with it pffft mortals what the hell do they know about anything they can’t even say the word “magic”)

but yes more Steve/Loki Age of Ultron talk please. give it to me people, that is the shit that I need right now

(…also I’m really glad this is what I’ve done to you. if this is my legacy I can be satisfied, I think. what more do I need)

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4, 8, 10, 14, 15, 30, :D

4: 3 things I love

My friends, both irl and online! ^-^


Tea! (Like the typical Brit I am!) 

8: Sexual orientation

Potential grey ace.

10: How tall am I

I’m pretty sure I’m like 5″4 now…

14: Do I have a crush

Fictional crushes yes, irl crushes, no!

15: Favorite quote

Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept whats happened and continue on living. 

30: Favorite band

Perhaps Fall Out Boy…

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Just out of curiosity...why baking? What made you take it up? Do you eat your creations? Do you donate your work? Are they in conjunction with your yoga in any way?


Why baking? Because it is alchemy and magic and mayhem and chaos and science for hungry people.

And hell yes I eat what I bake! Unless another person ordered it of course. But I am a damn good baker and even if it means I only eat one piece, I try my own work. It’s all moderation. My metabolism is slow as f*ck so I have to be really aware of what I eat and not be surprised when the scale goes up. It’s just that much more work.

But I do love sharing it. Generally anything I bake is headed out to be shared with friends and coworkers and strangers. I also bake for pay. Parties and such.

It has no connection to the yoga. Beyond me occasionally doing yoga while something is in the oven. Yoga is just fun and good for me.

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"Hey Fawf-" He stares at both the beans and clears his throat and sighs "Greyface Magic?" He had an annoyed face as if he were tired of seeing his friends be changed by these anons.

What do you thing big… *The round bean gave a rough elbowing to Fawful’s side, causing him to wince at Fowfell in anger before correcting his speach.* … Yes, but I am guessing it is not being so bad. Our emotions and thoughts are not being interrupted by the other, so it is being better than most experiences. *Fowfell said as he smiled at Gatr.* It was just taking some time to be getting used to.