do you know what i find absolutely ridiculous? when you see these angsty teenager accounts claiming to be a severe schizophrenics or a severe manic depressives etc and not shutting up on about how they’re going to kill themselves and they have constant suicidal thoughts when in reality they’re just being a complete wanker. personally being in an adolescent psychiatric ward and witnessing extremely ill schizophrenics literally not knowing where they are, to have someone come up to you and personally beg you to get the voices to stop, literally people walking around naked they are so unaware of their surroundings  those are the people diagnosed with schizophrenia, not a teenager blogging about how glamorous it is to be mentally ill and how they’re so much more hardcore than the other ill person. also if you all you fucking talk about is suicide and reblogging pictures of razor blades and pills thinking it makes you more ill than the other person, seriously if you were that set on suicide you would have done it by now. oh and also being on medication doesn’t make you more ill, it’s actually pathetic and sad thinking it would, you’re only on medication because the chemicals in your brain is whacked. also the dosage doesn’t reflect on how much someone is suffering, just because you’re on the highest dosage of anti depressants and mood stabilizers doesn’t mean you suffer more than the person not on medication. you have no idea what someone else is feeling like so stop fucking comparing yourself with each other.seriously people you need to get a fucking grip of your life and realize what you need to change is your personality and stop latching onto a diagnosis like it gives you an excuse to be a complete dickhead. suck it up and move the fuck on. sorry not sorry.


The Stages of Procrastination

You’re probably doing it right now.