Be brave.

Get your head in the game. (Cuz Zac Efron said so.)

Must remember cataloguing your writing ideas, brainstorming sessions and concept in your mind, probably not the best idea. Not unless you’ve got perfect recall. >.> Not jumping fully back in yet, but the little things I’m getting down just about characters, and premise stuff is making the thought of writing seem a little fun again. 

So I watched Lestat the musical today. Broadway version. Drew Sarich as Armand, because I wouldn’t subject myself to it otherwise. 

I… what?!

I can’t even make a review, it was nice but it was also… the kind of thing that gets me rolling my eyes during the most serious scenes. Didn’t like the story much, didn’t care for the characters much (expect maybe for Nicholas, he seemed like a genuinely nice dude). 

Some songs were nice, some songs I didn’t even noticed. The over dramatic “biting position” was ridiculous. 

I liked/actually-kind-of-loved “To kill you kind”. The song and the whole scene for that matter. 

The whole thing with Lestat being “Louis, you want to leave me? HERE, WE HAVE A CHILD NO YOU CAN’T GO”, then accidentally getting her killed, then still being all like “Louis, I’m sorry, now that I apologized will still stay with me?” was a tiny bit disturbing and definitely didn’t made me care for Lestat. 

if someone turned thramsay modern au fanfiction into a movie they would pretty much get ‘tom at the farm’