yes *u*

psycho-tic-angel asked:

Hi yes do u do readings are you able to get names, are you able to do spiritual past lives? According to hime i might be a shard of two different spirits?(there is an answered ask idk if ur tagged in it or not?) (sorry if ur not ahhh)

Eh, as far as getting names, past lives, looks, and other information about people, it’s more a hit or miss with me. Sometimes I get something and it’s spot on but sometimes I get nothing. I’m more specialized in Pendulum work, so if you have any questions I can answer them or check answers you’v gotten.

application for dating me (orion)

0. can i bite u with my sharp teeth >yes/no
1. do u also have sharp teeth yes/n?o
2. w  bite me? yes/no
3. would u enjoy beign SET ON FIRE  yes/no
4. will u treat me like the god i am?  yes/no
5. do u like FUN  yes/no
if u answered yes to all of these we r now dating thtank u


All of my yes ! “U CANT SING GO AWAY”

anonymous asked:

How old are u and d u have a job if yes what job?? do u like it ? :

I am 22, and i do have a job! I work as the administrative assistant for a department store. I do actually really like it, its not so bad and the people i work with make it worth it!

anonymous asked:

are u and jordianite together?? if you are you make a really cute couple, if your not then you'd still make a really cute couple :P

lmao no we’re not but I agree with u yes we would be she’s such a babe I love her she’s amazing ok

anonymous asked:

you don't like louis???

lmao he’s problematic as fuck so he’s the one im most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about he also looks like a rodent and he never backed zayn up even though zayn was always dragged endlessly (yes u can say this about the rest of the boys but zayn always stood up for lou so it was expected he’d return the favor) i mean if i ever met him again id be fake af bc then id get my foot in the door but like i said im very ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about him