yes please

I’m gonna try to find a way to get Jane to sing. She should sing ‘Rural Juror’ and then all our worlds will collide into a black hole!“
But wait… do 30 Rock and Kimmy Schmidt exist in the same universe? "They do, I think. One’s a jaded view of New York and one’s a very sunny, bright view of New York, but it’s still the same New York. There was talk at one time that when [the Mole Women] were at the Today show that we would see Kenneth getting out of a limo way, way deep in the background across the plaza because he would be the head of NBC. We didn’t do that, but I wish we had. Season 2!”
—  What’s on Jeff Richmond’s UKS Season 2 wish list?

I want a girl I can treat like a princess, give her attention whenever she wants it and space when she doesn’t. Take her out on dates that I set up just for her, send her flowers to make her day, stay the night at her house so I can hold her close all night. Kiss her and touch her in ways that she’ll become addicted to and never get enough of. Whisper that she’s my girl in her ear as I have her heart racing. I want a girl I can love in ways she’s never known.