Ever since my co-worker told me he never watched Sound of Music, it made me realize not everyone’s watched this amazing classic (lol). So have you guys watched it before and if so, did you like it?

edit: oh wow, okay, i was mentally prepared for like…1 out of 100 people to not have watched this but my bad hahaha.

for those wondering what it is, it’s a movie that came out 50 years ago. Just listen to the music first. Still are my favourite musical songs :D. But then I’m into that old type of music though….-.-;;. 


All the Grey’s bloopers! Thank you very much uploader! Here’s to 10 Years of Fucking Up! I am Cry!

Goodnight With Heart

Goodnight my friends
it’s been a good day
but it’s now two am
well past time to say
goodnight, but wait
before I do, I must
                      love        love   
                   to                     to   
                      all              all 
                          of       of

Bedlam (Jesse Aaronson)  //   Marvel Comics

His mutant ability allows him to generate a bio-EM field that wreaks havoc with electrical and mechanical systems, sense and perceive energy signatures, generate electromagnetic pulses, track others by their biological em signature, and can affect the neural chemical responses of a living brain to induce states such as pain, sleep, or confusion.

Bedlam has black belt level skill in karate due to memories of a karate master given to him by a Delphi box. Skilled in covert ops such as stealth and info gathering.(X)