Okay so today on the bus, this guy was being really mean to me because I’m all nerdy and he was making fun of me because I’m shy and the guy sitting next to me was all “Dude, you do realize she’s going to be your boss one day?” and that shut him right up.

hope-is-mai-waifu said:

Um, yes, all questions please. Except for 42.




1: Eowyn

2: To quote a text I sent earlier today “MARISA!!! I MISS YOU!!!”

3: I don’t need any more ego inflation thx

4: Yeah, but by someone who made a mistake in a videogame.

5: I think I have a date, and we’ll see how that goes.

6: I stayed in

7: I didn’t go to asleep at nighttime, i’ll tell you that much

8: Yeah, basically everyone in the skype call

9: I was in General Chem

10: Yepppers, my stepdad, my mom, my grandmother, my ex

11: I mean, maybe?

12: Nope, just liked people and pretended not to.

13: Most definitely

14: Like, two people, actually (Kaleb and Marisa)

15: Have you even met me?  (The answer is “Oh god yes”)

16: Mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

17: Indeed I have, I think I was angry at Erich Flynn

18: I mean… don’t think so?

19: Nopers, it was in Towpath

20: My little brother, Parker, Purker, Perker, Pirker, Porker, Pyrker

21: I have never said anything “out lot”

22: Yepp, it was on the closing night of Midsummer

23: I mean, in a videogame.  Does that count?

24: I shout my feelings from the rooftops

25: Nahhhhh

26: Like, asleep with?  Well I was on a couch with Brian, and Joe, and fell asleep.  So there’s that.

27: Only the cacophony of Castle Cake


29: I guess?

30: Emotionally, or physically?  Emotionally, topsy turvy.  Physically?  ”Fuck you, and your habit of climbing stairs Thadd”

31: I don’t even have a hoodie

32: Today

33: What do people call me?  Did you forget the “with” in that sentence?  People call me with their voices, or sometimes even their cellphones.

34: Oh god, all the fucking time.

35: Many many many many many many many many stressful situations

36: See above comment about Castle Cake

37: My drive/work ethic.  My stupidity in obsessing about people.  I don’t fucking know.

38: No, it’s a super shitty, super painful thing.

39: Only all the time

40: My keyboard

41: There’s that date thing happening

43: Well, I regretted getting kissed

44: Yeppers

45: Nopers

46: Reading about liches

47: I absolutely do, but things are hopefully going to get better soon.

48: I would much rather sleep with someone else.

49: I live there

50: Who said it ever?  Probably.  To me?  Probz not.

To anyone who went through all the effort to read this, I’m sorry it’s so boring.  If you read it all I give this imaginary cookie.  congrats