"What do you think it would have been like if Valentine had brought you up along with me?"

"I’m sorry, it didn’t have to be this way. If only we were on the same side…We could have fought together…"

The young Ranger put his hand on the blade of the sword, remembering who’s weapon it belonged to. The attacker had thrust his sword into the younger male and had taken it out as quickly as he stabbed it in.

Elias drew a few short, deep breaths. The boy fell to the ground face-down. He managed to tilt his head just a little to catch a glimpse of his enemy. The young man with the sword was in tears as he said…

"Forgive me, Elias. I’m sorry I couldn’t be a better older brother…"

(( I hope I’m not too late to be jumping on the bandwagon. Oh yeah, the guy with the sword is Eli’s big brother, Dawson. He’s pretty good at fencing and is a total jerkface.))

Profiler, Profiled.

I officially have a headcanon where Derek’s sisters traded phone numbers with Spencer at some point in Profiler, Profiled and that they keep in contact and trade stories about Derek. Derek doesn’t find out until Spencer lets slip that Fran invited him to Chicago for Christmas and he thinks it’s weird that his Pretty Boy never told him but is more worried about what his sisters have been telling Spencer.


       {He’s just staring shockingly at the group of
        authoritative like figures, packed in black suits,
        feeling every hair on his body stand on end.
        These weren’t demons or warlocks, so what
        could he do? What did they want?}

I should add that while yes, I play Robin as sticking mostly to canon, I also portray her as my own interpretation of the character, and that is a mother-type to the rest of the crew. 

I have always seen her as such after she joined the Straw Hats, and I likely always will. She’s been saved by them, and they’re truly a home for her. And while yes I do ship her with some of the other members that aren’t Franky that’s not going to stop me from still seeing her as a protector of her friends. They are the closest thing to a family she has anymore, and they’re the only ones that weren’t looking to turn her in, and that means more to her than anyone can ever imagine. 

And while no, she’s not going to go around saying things like “yo das my child” and the like, she does still have an instinct in her to make certain that their safety comes before her own, and that everyone is cared for.