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Emily Deschanel is really the only vegan celebrity I can think of, she is doing it for the animals. Others like Ellen Degeneres, Lea Michele, Anne Hathaway, claimed to be vegan for a period, but stopped once it got hard. Ellen eats egg and promotes covergirl, Lea promotes Loreal and eats non-vegan food, Anne stopped (which is sad, because she seemed to be a real vegan) and went back to non-vegan food as well:/ Why do they all misuse the word vegan, and make it seem like a fad?

Yep, sucks ass :(


Merthur AU: When Arthur meets Merlin, all his memories from a long lost life come rushing back to him. It’s overwhelming at first, but eventually Arthur comes to terms with everything - especially his old and new feelings for his former manservant, who spent more than a century waiting for him. Three months later, they finally give in and stumble into bed together.

“I spent almost 1500 years imagining this. What do you think?”

“That we have should start making up for lost time right away.”



“You’re still a prat, though.”

“And you’re still an idiot. But you love me anyway.”

“I do. Love me, too?”


Just Haven’t Met You Yet

[Smiles softly as he makes his way down the aisle with his daughter and a basket full of snacks.] Alright, I think that your father needs some soda. What do you think? [Rae: Yep!] [Smiles softly.] I like this stage that you’re at. You say yep to everything that I say; makes me feel like I’m still being a good person. [Rae: Yep!] [Smirks and shakes his head. Goes to pick up a six pack of soda and jumps a little when it slips out of his hand and the cans go rolling around.] Oh shit! [Starts picking up the cans and putting them back on the shelf.] [Rae: -Laughs when he drops the cans and takes off running when he let go of her hand and started picking up the cans. Goes around the corner and starts running down the next aisle.-]

Teen Dad AU: Meeting Jinki

Kibum doesn’t look up from his math book when the new kid sits down next to him during lunch. The kid’s been staring at him since the beginning of the school year, and while Kibum thought it was cute at first, now it’s just creepy. He seems to be friends with Jonghyun, though, so he can’t be all that bad. Kibum does look over, however, to see if Minho’s coming back from the soccer meeting yet. The season doesn’t even start for another month or so, and they’re already having meetings; Kibum thinks it’s annoying.

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“How much duct tape d’you think it’d take to tape one of us to, say, a ceiling?”

Alan sat up from where he had been happily lying on the blue shag carpet, just generally getting in the way. Gordon caught the tennis ball Alan been tossing up into the air and mimed taking a bite out of it.

“Me or you?” Alan asked, springing up to try and snatch the ball back. Gordon sidestepped him.

“You, I guess. You’re lighter.”

“Okay. So maybe…five rolls? How many do you have?”

Gordon threw off the far-too-big-for-him-and-probably-virgil’s-hoodie he’d been wearing with a flourish, and then held his arms out in front of him. He had about six rolls of duct tape on each arm.

“Nice fashion statement.” Alan said, making another go of getting his tennis ball back. Gordon faked one way, then dashed round and dropped the ball down the back of little brother’s t-shirt.

“Okay-okay-okay, so, you’re in?”

Alan scrambled after the ball as it dropped out from under his shirt. 

“Yeah. Let’s do this!”

Virgil found them sometime later. He’d been out for a walk on the island, stopping every so often to sketch the odd bird. It was a real exercise in getting stuff down quickly.

He’d need that, when he dragged himself through his bedroom door, ready for a mid-afternoon nap if he could get one in. He didn’t even notice the fact that Alan was taped to his ceiling until he heard a deceptively casual ‘hey bro’ come from above.

Gordon waved to him from behind the doorframe.

“Nice blowfish impression, Virge.” He said. “What do you think of your new ceiling fixture?”

“Wh-how-why? Gordon. Why. Alan. How did he talk you into this?”

“Dude, I didn’t have to. He said yes right away.”


“I thought you were all about the pursuit of knowledge, Virgil.” Alan said, nonchalantly. His face was very red. “This was all for science, duh.”

Right. I gotta get you down.” Virgil said, rolling up his shirtsleeves.

“Good luck, it took me like three hours to get him up there.” Gordon said, bending down to pick up an off-cut piece of tape. He stuck it to Virgil’s back as he watched big brother size up the challenge in front of (above) him.

“Gordon, he’s turning purple. How could you think this was a good idea?” Virgil said, getting closer to inspect the situation. Alan stretched out his fingers and just managed to brush the top of Virgil’s head. Gordon stepped back, raising his hands in surrender.

“Hey, I never thought it was a good idea. Oh, hold on. I think he’s slipping.”

“I got it.” Virgil said, gritting his teeth.

In one particularly ungraceful motion, Virgil leapt up and ripped Alan right off the ceiling. He took a fair bit of ceiling with him on the way down, and it, along with Alan, collapsed in a heap on top of Virgil.

Gordon dragged Alan up and out of the room before Virgil could go full-hulk.

OK, I need to do things until the finale...

So that I don’t melt into a ball of anxious goo. I’ve decided to do a little thank you post of my own.

I started watching Arrow in December. Yep, December. Hubby turned it on one day and I rolled my eyes and looked back to my laptop where I was hanging on FB with friends. By the first commercial I was hooked. We binge-watched the first 2.5 seasons during the month of December, and I delved into the world of fanfic and Olicity. I joined tumblr in January, I think? And created my Arrow twitter account then, too. And slowly began to make friends. Over time, I became more involved, got to know more people, and even started writing fanfic, which is something I’ve never done before. The last time I was this involved with a show/fandom, Tumblr and Twitter didn’t exist! As we approach the finale and my first real hiatus, I can’t believe how much my life has changed in these few months. I have made amazing friends and tried new things, and I’m so grateful every day! I’m excited to spend this hiatus with my fandom friends, enjoying the relative chill when compared to the anxiety of the season. Here we go:

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"In the wake of Elena Gilbert’s goodbye, in season seven, some characters will recover while others falter. As Lily tries to drive a wedge between the Salvatore brothers, we’ll still hold onto hope that Stefan and Caroline’s love story is strong enough to survive." - from the s7 press release. A Defan/Steroline focused s7!

Yep, all sounds good to me, look Defan still needs some serious work and I think I’ve made my love of Lily and her manipulative self clear so I’m glad she’s coming back next season. Also I’m going to say this now before people start freaking out in my inbox because I see it all over Twitter already it is a GOOD thing if SC is in the background next season. Let me explain why; as JP stated in her interview SC is the main couple and this is the first time they are going to try and write a main couple as happy because it’s something they haven’t been successful with in the past. In order for that to work SC’s relationship CANNOT be the focus of the show because it would need unnecessary conflict because TVD is a drama. This was the Number 1 problem with DE the past two seasons, their relationship nonsense was brought into EVERY plotline and it became insufferable and boring to the point it was so obvious these two didn’t work together.

The main driving point they’ve been using with SC is that this is a mature relationship and these two characters are best friends above everything else, there’s not going to be much conflict between them and there’s no reason to create any for entertainment value. Also remember, this is a press release that’s coming out before the finale, only certain things can be talked about at this point and it’s very possible Bonnie and Caroline’s storylines can’t be revealed yet. So DON’T FREAK OUT over a press release and try to understand that JP & Co. seem very committed to SC and they want to make them work as a happy couple but they realize in order to do that you have to focus on something else that DOES have conflict.


Yep I know what you’re thinking. Those outfits are indeed on fleek. Are you constantly thinking of what to wear and can’t stop envying some girls that are outfit goals? Gurl, SheIn & I got your back!! I’m pretty sure their clothing collection would amaze and satisfy all your needs + they SHIP WORLDWIDE!

Oh, they also have sales every single day! Fyi, I’ve placed multiple orders from them in the past and can guarantee you that it’s not a scam. Happy Shopping!

The Tide’s Rolling In (1/?)

A/N: I know what you all are thinking–really, another AU, Meghan? My answer is, yep, another one.

But, this first chapter serves as sort of a prologue, since you’ve basically already seen it! It’s actually from an AU week I did a while back, but I’ve revamped it and changed a few things so it would fit for the story I wanted to tell. Since you all have likely read it, I’ll post this one today, but I’ll post the second chapter on Saturday (which is when I’ll try posting them, I think)!

Anyways, enjoy!

Emma was glad that her adoptive family was traveling away from Maine for the summer. She’d never seen any real beaches before, so on their flight to California, she was anxious (though her adoptive brother, David, had told her multiple times that it was going to be fine).
Emma was only nervous for a few hours after landing–once she was standing on the beach, her toes burying into the sand and the salty air whipping at her face, she felt like she’d found her true home.
(She of course knew that wasn’t the case.)
(Though, California was suddenly on her radar–she’d transfer in a heartbeat.)
Mary Margaret, David’s girlfriend of four years, finally dragged Emma into the crowded waters.
“Isn’t this great, Ems?” Mary grinned as she floated beside her, grinning with her face to the sky.
“The water is so cold.” Emma giggled, “But, yeah–I love this. I wish I could live here.”

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thoughts on baguet- i mean noctis (・ε-*)-☆

“So, I don’t really know much about this guy, but he is the best thing ever. He gives me delicious food for baguettes! Seriously, what a guy. He also has a great sense of fashion..all in all a pretty cool kid, a little standoffish, but as long as I get my sushi, I don’t really care.”

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I love the boys but it's kinda obnoxious how they're trying to shove Hey Violet down our throats. Like yeah I love you to the moon and back but that doesn't mean that you're not making a mistake with HV. I think they're gonna flop, but that's just my opinion. (they're already kinda flopping anyways oops sorry not sorry)

nah it is not them, it is the management who makes them promo hairy voldemort & yep they are gonna flop, not many ppl like them lolz

I wish..
  • Me:*breaks into writers room*
  • Me:Knauf. Daniel Knauf. Where are you?
  • Knauf:Uh, right here.
  • Me:hell of an episode Knauf--
  • Knauf:Why thank you--
  • Me:I'm not finished. One hell of a good episode does not make up for the angst. Do you understand?
  • Knauf:
  • Me:Where's Bokenkamp? It's time we have a talk about Tom Keen
  • Knauf:
  • Me:Where. Is. Jon. Bokenkamp?
  • Knauf:Well I think in the promo department.
  • Me:Even better. I have some things to say to those idiots too
  • Me:Knauf, if you warn them I'm coming I'll be back for you. Got it?
  • Knauf:Yep. No problem.
  • Knauf:*they didn't tell me the fans would be so crazy*

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Hi! That was one helluva finale, right? I've been reading all the reviews and the general consensus seems to be disappointment how the show handled Oliver's decision to quit the team in the finale (and of course blaming Olicity). I'm constantly in my bubble so I'm surrounded by happy people but realistically, do you think this would bring more detractors out of the woodwork? I know s3 ratings have been up but reviews have been so-so. Most people seem to like s2's finale a lot more. Thoughts?

Really?  Maybe I’m ensconced too deeply in the bubble, but I haven’t run across any reviews like that so far.  Most of them called out the Olicity moments in the finale as the high points.  Which they were.  

That said, when it became clear that Oliver would be leaving the team, hanging up the hood and packing it in in the finale, I knew there’d be some out there that would be salty about it.  I knew some would also blame Olicity.  These would largely be the comic book purists, the Laurel/Oliver stans, the ones who were already opposed to Olicity to begin with.  In all three cases, I could care less what they think so … yeah doesn’t bother me.  I don’t think it brings out more detractors, just gives them a voice. 

Reviews have been so-so? Again, I must only be reading the positive ones.  That said I’ve been reading the reviews from the big sites, the ones that everyone goes to first.  A lot of people were confused about direction mid-season which was reflected in reviews, but I think by the end of the season, most major media outlets were on board with what was happening. Yes, s3 had better ratings than s2.  But if you’ve read rillacuthbert‘s fantastic ratings meta post, You’ll see that when it comes to ratings we have NOTHING to worry about as far as Arrow is concerned.  It’s solid and one of the CW’s hottest properties right now. 

Where are you getting this “most people” from?  I think you might need to secure that bubble a little more. ;) 

Hey guys i know this is really sudden and all, i’m really sorry about it but I’m going on hiatus (yes again!) starting… well right now. I didn’t really plan anything and my queue is most likely not going to be able to last and keep my blog active so right now I’m gonna fill it and just hope it does the trick. i really need some time away from people… from everyone actually and i haven’t been feeling good so hopefully this hiatus will make me reflect on myself..? and also my finals are coming up i’ve been extremely busy and unable to deal with all the work and stress so I’m sorry, i’m so so sorry…. Well I mean I don’t think it’s going to change much in your lives anyway but i’m still sorry XD I’m not sure how long this hiatus is gonna last… but i’ve got very high chances of coming back on the 20th of june. Sooo… yep yep I’m gonna miss everyone so much but I really need a break right now :) Thanks for understanding and… see you in about a month! Hope you have a great one and have fun while i’m gone!

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okay... i love kaylor but i'm pretty sure that something happened between taylor and dianna agron. also, i think wonderland is about dianna... lol bc she loves alice in wonderland, she have green eyes (yep... like harry styles) even her old tumblr url was "felldowntherabbithole" like ??? and lots of people think that dianna is (at least) bi. she even wore a "likes girls" shirt lol anyways... if kaylor is real i hope they last more that taylor and dianna bc they stopped talking without a reason

oh yeah I’m totally with you on everything you just said! and i know there were swiftgron shippers at the time, but people really started going back and looking at all of that when kaylor started happening.. and personally I think taylor and karlie are pretty committed, and taylor is doing a lot of stuff right now PR wise to prep for their future so if they come out it will lessen the blow, and hopefully not damage their careers too much!

EXO Reaction To You Being Sick And Not Resting

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Exo reaction to you being sick yet you act like a 5 years old running around the room with a blanket increasing ur temp

Xiumin: And just what do you think you’re doing running around the house when you have fever? I leave you along for all of two minutes to get you some tea and you start running around…Get back to the couch and rest.

Luhan: Oh sure… Just ignore what I said about resting with your fever and run around the house with a blanket cape. Yep…Just ignore your boyfriend who cares about your health to run around.

Kris: I mean I thought I told you to stay in bed and rest but I mean, I could have said in Chinese and you thought that meant you should run around the house, I guess that’s my fault only I said it in English and you understood me perfectly so you should be back in bed.

Suho: *daddy Suho is not allowing this*

Lay: Oh you’re feeling much better? Brilliant but I don’t care since you had a fever an hour ago so back to bed.

Baekhyun: *this trouble maker chases you back to bed making sure you’re exhausted so you don’t try it again*

Chen: Now I am watching you missy and you are never getting out of that bed until you are better unless you are using the bathroom and getting something, got it?

 Chanyeol: Nah uh, nope, back in bed. No superhero games tonight. Just soup and tea and sleep for you.

DO: *resists scolding you for you misbehavior as he bribes you with his brilliant cooking to get back into the bed relaxing*

Tao: *as he sees you run past him* Wait what? What the hell is that girl doing out of bed? Aish…Now I have to go get her back in bed…*continues whining in his head as he looks for you* I thought cold medicine knocked people out, god…

Kai: *amidst his laughter* Jagiya, you know you’re sick…Come back to bed and I’ll stay here and rest with you ok? I’ll even get all the dogs and we can all have a nap together ok?

Sehun: You are sick and this is resting time so nooo more of this behavior and you put your butt back into your bed.