I’m wrapped around your finger, I’ll do anything for you. If you wanted the moon so it wouldn’t be so dark in your room, I would go to space to bring it to you. If you wanted a cloud to cushion your head more, I’d jump as high as a could to whisk a thread of the fluffiest cloud. If you wanted to paint, I’d pick the reddest cherries, the bluest berries, the yellowest lemons, and the greenest leaves so you can paint the world. If you nudged me at 3 am for breakfast, I’d drive you to the gulf coast where the waters are clear so you can see the sun dance while you have that morning cup of Jo. I’ll do anything for you, anything.

Angelic Judge

You to me are the yolk of hope;

The goddess of love and life.

Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli: bringer of warmth and joy to those you hold,

Beating back all oppressive blackness.


Soothingly calming

Yet electrifyingly exciting.

Always knowing what’s best;

Owner of Quetzalcoatl’s knowledge.


Smiling so softly; sweetly and delicately.

An angels an after thought in your reflection;

A radiance that out shines

Even their yellowest of glows


O, how you resemble Xochiquetzal:

Her beauty. Her lust. Her art.

Your name:



By Samuel J Buswell

anonymous said:


A place from my childhood..

My cousins and I would go to my aunt’s yard, and she had a big lemon tree. We would grab the yellowest lemons, cut them in half, and eat them with sugar or salt, or both. Then we would climb to the top of a roof, and it was our “club”, and the younger cousins weren’t allowed in it, but in the end, everyone was. We’d eat so many lemons our tongues were sore by the end of the day.


Thank you!