today’s colour palette!!! the chilly mist! the tired heads! the grey blue overcast sky that makes tall skinny apartment block lights the yellowest yelloo from train windows in the distance!

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Hey T could you recommend me all the NYX must haves

Nyx Concealer (the yellowest shade)
Nyx matte bronzer (absolutely aamaaaaaazing)
Nyx matte lip creams! They’re just must haves! I started collecting as a makeup beginner - T

Way of life. 1.2

As I sit here, still as can be, unmoved by even the strongest of winds, through rain, snow, sleet, and sun have I been here never moving. I am one of a kind, but there are so many like me. As I sit here on my hill, yellow as the sun with my half circular shape, I wonder who will be next to ride me. I am surrounded by grass which makes it better in-case I am used a little bit to roughly. I am the yellowest slide to even be slide upon. Surrounded by wooden flakes, I am ever so safe. I enjoy my hill, as I can look above all the houses and streets from above, like a bright yellow protector that brings joy to children. Some people tend to not enjoy my presence as they try to mark me, but this will wavier me, not. I am at the peak of my use, once a child scales my stairs, sits down upon my top, and glide all the way to the bottom, only to do it once more. My uses are no more then one, as I shall not used for much more. I am in a group with friends who also entertain children of many ages. The children around here are kind, but some adults are not so much, using language and doing items that should not be done in front of such small kids. But the plus out weighs the minus. I could not as for a better life.

today my aunt asked me what i whiten my teeth with
like bruh i thought i have the yellowest teeth ever