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Yelle - Bouquet Final

Yelle, the infectious voice behind the chart-topping song “Je Veux Te Voir." Less pop and more electro in this song, this song is filled with contradictions. The lyrics are half-mid relationship ending fight, half-love song. Her lyrics are tongue meets cheek meets another person’s mouth, 

And a bouquet? En Francais, it often denotes an end, and Yelle’s title plays on this, “the final end.” The kind of way a long, tempestuous relationship always has more than one ending and sometimes more than one final ending.

What I love about Yelle, his girl is old school and completely new school, getting her start from “Je Veux Te Voir” going viral on MySpace (yes MySpace), in 2005. She has since released two well-received studio albums.

In her newest song, “Boguet Final,” it’s not only the title and lyrics that are tittering the line. The sound is infectious while almost being obnoxious—harsh: the rattling scratchy chorus curbed by her soft and melodic voice. 

L'Amour Parfait
  • L'Amour Parfait
  • Yelle

I don’t know what you mean, but it means a lot to me
Tes défauts sont mes qualités 
Je ne suis qu’une formalité 
Quand l’amour part
Quand l’amour parfait 

Je te sers à t’équilibrer
Je le sais rien qu’à t’observer
Quand tu es là
Quand tu es lassée

Je suis ton outil d’arrogance
Je n’existe plus quand t’as confiance
Quand l’amour part
Quand l’amour parfait

J’aimerais ne pas avoir cette chance    
Être munie d’une conscience
Quand l’amour part
Quand l’amour parfait