Shot, anyone?

This was taken months ago with my blockmates in Jasmine’s condo. Let me just post this because I cannot post this in other social networking sites. 

happened on a HAPPY THURSDAY. :)

They may say I’ve changed. BUT NOOOO. You guys, so OA. :|

This shot was not even mine. :D

My stuff



  1. Yellow comb that has been with me since I can’t remember when. It’s my lucky charm, even though I don’t use it as much anymore because of my perm, but I carry it around anyway.
  2. UST ID, HP USB, House Key that I attached altogether to a Mediartrix lanyard. That big card, by the way, is my org ID.
  3. iPod Nano which I’ve named Doey and Sony MDR-E10LP Earphones.
  4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Wallet where I keep my money, driver’s license, pictures, and almost any piece of paper I tend to keep.
  5. Rosetti Coin purse which is very handy dandy.
  6. Kamiseta pouch where I put small things that are hard to find like lipgloss, alcohol, etc.
  7. Hair wax from Tony & Jackey Hair Salon to keep my locks fixed and non-frizzy.
  8. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Appletini Body Spray = smells incredibly sweet!
  9. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Grapefruit Blast Lipgloss for sweet-tasting shiny lips!
  10. Alcohol in a little spray bottle
  11. Maybelline Press Powder to keep me oil-free.
  12. Notebook where I write my thoughts, reminders, to-do list, everything!
  13. And oftentimes I put packs of candies in my bag which do not really last, really.

Sunshine fades like fluid smoke,

as shadows overlap

in this place of tension

– where the night light flickers

like drifting fireflies,

the moon bashfully hides

behind the blanket of clouds,

and the unruffled wind blows

rhythmically with my breathing.


A dark cloud forms.

I have lost all temper.

Bitter. Massive.

My emotions out of hand

and yet she wonders why.

The sea of secrets and lies

now untamed in her eyes.


My fists tighten.

Without a word, she figures.

A sister I knew

Of priceless days and nights,

dared to gamble our relationship

with uneasy and guilty pleasures.

Her eyes meet my gaze

only to see her own betrayal.


The dark cloud has formed.

Strolling Down Memory Lane: Keng's 18th birthday

Fifth entry, February 27, 2010, Dani’s crib

Since I miss this girl so much, I’m gonna tell you about the day she threw a party that was fun and, I don’t know.. scandalous? Haha. But for everyone’s sake, I won’t spill anything about the latter part. I don’t even want to bring back those things. So anyway..

I remember that she asked me to make her an invitation design for one whole week, which I had no time for, so I told my brother to do it. But then everyone got pretty busy, so there were no invitations. None needed, actually, because she wanted her party to be simple. But it’s her debut, so why not? Anyway, It was a Saturday, 4 days after Keng’s actual birthday. After lunch, I went to the mall with Mars to buy the gift she requested: earrings. And then we watched The Lightning Thief (twice the fun in one day),  then hurried back home to get ready. By 6pm, Eiral, Dianne, and Arielle were already at my place so we could go there together. Then 7pm, the others came (Crystal, Wendell, Jed, Sierra, Abdul, Love). For all I know, the party was not in my house. :)) Then we realized that we didn’t know how to get to the place, so Ked and his dad came to give us a ride. We were super late, but then we were the only special-non-relative guests, so technically, we. were. not. late. Sheehan and Vanessa were early birds. Aaaand Paula and the boys were the really late ones. :|

We got psyched about Keng’s aunt’s house (where she held her party), so we checked it out first before we had dinner. I was so psyched about the place because it was something you’d see in lifestyle magazines.. so modern, so edgy, so wide, and so all that. And then there was a photobooth, which we pretty much took over for hours! The pictures were priceless! If I’d have anything to remind me of how my friends were, that would be it. I remember the backdrop being literally dropped down the steps because we were so rowdy, and I think the photobooth person was pissed off. 

I also remember that my ipod was running the party because Keng asked me to do almost everything for the party. But it was aaaaight, it turned out unforgettable anyway. :)

For the rest of the evening, we took lots of pictures, lots and lots of pictures; ate again; laughed about stuff I can’t remember; played like kids; and sang.

And for the record (WHICH IS REALLY ONE HECK OF A RECORD), when some of us went home already, some things happened, and along with the great great delay of this entry, those ‘things’ are buried now and some of us wouldn’t want to look back to what really happened that night. It was horrendous, as in dignity-breaking-horrendous. 

But erasing that part of the party (as how I would), it was overall a FUN FUN night! :)

Homesick May. :(

Where am I? I’m home. Feeling so fly like a G6. No, srsly. It’s a Wednesday and I’m supposed to be sleeping at my dorm until Friday, but no, because I am here, in my house, feeling so fly like a G6!

Last Monday, I was so bummed by going back to the dorm after having a crazy night @ Cainta. After all that fun, it was so hard to accept that I’ll be going back to school in a matter of hours. Not that I hate being at the dorm or at school, but I wasn’t ready yet to face reality after having the very last minute party of my vacation.

So there, I left my best friend’s house at 9 in the morning with a long face and a heavy body, hoping that I could bump into someone I know or maybe go to somewhere else where I could not find my school. It was our first day, and you know, I thought I could skip for just one time, but it was pointless. I had nowhere else to be if I skip school and no one I could be with.

At the end of the day, I found myself crying, faced on the wall, and counting coins (I don’t know why). It was mostly because I felt the sadness of being in that place and not having any source for me to be motivated. I didn’t have the same energy I had when I was in high school. I had the perfect schedule, but then I’ve never felt so lazy before. And that dorm! Geez, that horrible place! I don’t even live there. All I do in the dorm is sleep, bathe, and keep myself in if I don’t have elsewhere to go. It’s like a hiding place, or a campsite, I don’t know. All I know is that I go camping in P.Noval five days a week and that’s it. 

And so a crybaby finally bursts out her tears. I called my dad the following morning and told him I’m going home on Wednesday, and here I am! Happy as ever, as if I don’t have to return to MNL and attend classes from 1 to 7 pm. When I got home this evening, I hugged the walls and jumped all around like I’ve never seen such a place. I missed Ate Edna’s cooking, my dad, my brothers, my bed, the sofa, the computer, the cable tv, the snacks, etc. It’s sad that I have to leave early tomorrow, but what the heck.. Why do I have to worry about leaving? I live here. 

I guess I was just a little homesick. Or maybe not just a little. :D