Square Sun by *YelZamor

The extended Yogscast crew youtube channels have kept me reliably entertained throughout my freelancing activities. Doodled this for fun whilst watching Sips & Sjin’s Tekkit series. These gaming podcasts are more than let’s plays; I’m not the only fan returning for the appealing characters, off the cuff improv and humour.
Here’s a little sunny picture of Sips & Sjin bromancing it up. Those two practically ship themselves. Decided on minimal cell shading, using some hi-rez foliage and grass photographs (from CGI Textures) for some additional texture.

Experiment with duplicating your lineart layer, applying a slight blur and setting it to a layer mode of your choice for interesting effects.


Technique by ~YelZamor

Failgamer strikes again! Previously; The Cowardly.

Explanation for those who haven’t played Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Drake and Elena wander around an abandoned, maze-like underground vault. They hit a dead end and Nate boosts Elena up out of the pit, so she can rotate an old mining crane and lower the rope down.
Now, while there’s treasure to be found in the vault, there are also monsters… which promptly turn up. Thankfully, an old baddie happens upon your trail to help you out. Soon though, he’s pulled into the darkness by the advancing horde and you’re left to fight by yourself while Elena faffs with the rope on the ledge above.

I’m terrible at Uncharting, but the monster fights didn’t go terribly. This wasn’t due to some eleventh hour flash of brilliance with the controls, no. This was solely down to my kiting instincts kicking in, resulting in Nate dashing around hysterically, screaming and blindly shooting at anything and everything moving in the shadows.
Turns out, this is a good strategy as none of the monsters managed to get close enough to me for swipes of death. In fact, the three or so times I died was due to falling into pits or running into a corner.

Cowardice wins once again! Huzzah!

On the art side, once again a fannish tribute to David Aja’s Hawkeye style. Looking forward to reading the trade of that so very much.
I’m sure I’ve commited terrible anatomical wrongs, but the exaggerated action poses of both the monsters and Nate were immensely fun to draw. Aja’s angular lineart style did much to alleviate the dullness of the inking process.

Now to purchase Uncharted 2 & 3 and continue on with my Failgamer adventures.

P.S. I’m playing… failing at Assassin’s Creed II, so you have that to look forward to.

Pokemon Fusions - Victreedeen by *YelZamor

Keeping a busy time here, but managed to find a moment here and there to finish another pokefusion - Victreedeen. It came out a little rather like a living plant snail. Would have liked to bring in more snail textures, but the idea came to me rather late in the coluring process. Quite happy with the results, though.

Carlos and I have decided to change up the rules this week; we’re picking each others’ pokefusions. Because I’m a little bit sneaky, I set him on Victreedeen today.


'Artinaut 18 - Small Victories'
It’s weird, but it’s too late now.
Drawing grumpy art makes me grumpy. The point of this comic is to show you how silly you look when you sulk at your failures. Try to overcome them with rational and solution-focused thought.
The bacon tree is out there. We WILL find it.

Pokemon Fusions - Weepuff by *YelZamor

Now, you better put on sunglasses for that gorgeousness and beauty will surely blind you.
Carlos challenged me to pick the most ‘WTF’ fusion in my screencap sheet. So, naturally I picked a cute singing pokemon crossed with a gross floating farting rock! I seem to be especially drawn to the most challenging and/or weird pokefusions. Weepuff was too priceless to overlook.

Pokemon Fusions - Porynx by *YelZamor

Carlos and I continue our pokefusion saga.
I did ask for it this time. More specifically, I asked Carlos to set me a challenge. The man is without mercy, so this is the monstrosity he doomed me to.
The plans were laid as well as could be; I could only guess as to what Porygon is made of, but I decided that in a universe filled with farting rocks and electric rodents, an origami pokemon isn’t too far fetched. Porynx’s fragile paper body is enveloped in a silky outer skin. It dances, expressing supernatural power over all paper things. Pin down your bank statements.

In practice, I didn’t quite achieve the irridescent silk and crumpled paper textures I was planning on… but ah well. Onto new challenges!

Deus Ex: The Animation by *YelZamor & carlosthemanoflove

Here’s a tip for you; whining, begging and emotional blackmail are all very effective in getting you what you want. So, over the past month or two, I’ve been whining at, begging and otherwise annoying the craps out of ~carlosthemanoflove for some Deus Ex fanart. I absolutely love his art and it’s my personal outrage that he refuses to see it as I do.
Quite a bit of work on this one. Sir ‘I hate my art so much’ Carlos grudgingly provided me with a little Adam Jensen sketch. I inked it up to 300 dpi and added a background. Stylistically, it seemed reminiscent of an animated film, so I worked it into a fake screenshot. This 'Fake Anime Screenshot' tutorial helped get those final screen capture effects just right.

Please smother ~carlosthemanoflove with love and appreciation for finally succumbing to my endless demands and creating this sweet portrait for us.

I’ve not had a chance to finish Deus Ex: HR yet. I’m about one third of a way through ‘The Missing Link’ dlc, at the moment. One of my favourite games so far.

Pokemon Fusions - Ekbuzz by *YelZamor

To mark our tenth fusion, Carlos and I decided to dip into each other’s fusion stables. It was yet another opportunity to compare and contrast our differing imagination styles and technical approach. With ‘Ekbuzz’ my severe lack of Pokemon knowledge helped with unrestrained reinterpretation. Ekans brought the reptilian skin texturing, Electabuzz brought the (severely guessing here) electrified fists of power. Because, why not?
I wanted also to incorporate Electabuzz’s pot belly as well as a bit of Ekans’ snake body. Here, Ekbuzz would use his muscled tail to propel his punch forward (the lower legs are weak and almost never used… except for foraging).

At a snail’s pace, I feel slowly clawing my way towards a smooth and relaxed technique. Through necessity, I’ve learned numerous shorthand shortcuts for colouring comics. In painted art, I can no longer rely on strong inks to shade my shortcomings. Impatience and overreliance on said shortcuts in my personal art is something I still need to overcome. Looks like I’m getting there, though. :3

Hook Bell prop build by YelZamor

The fact that yours truly has developed a passion for costumes and prop-building does travel.
My sister requested some help in sorting out a costume for her man. The man, apparently, plans to attend a party next month dressed up as a sea captain. Neither of them were happy with a floppy rubber hook, and asked if I could construct a new one. Only too happy to help them out. :0 Great practice for me also.

1 - I created a pattern based on their measurements; 32cm fist circumference (divided into six), and ~17cm height.
2 - Cardboard mock up to check the final shape.
3,4 - Assembled the parts using Worbla covered foam.
5,6 - The hook bell looked plain to me, so I offered them decorative embellishments evocative of a sea compass.
7 - I wanted to mix the textures on the bell; the smoother, polished decorative elements (coated with a few layers of woodglue) against the rough, battered metal of the bell (left without primer).
8 - Base colours painted in.
9, 10 - Weathering! I mixed varying amounts of black with the base colour. Top tip: wet-mixing and layering acrylics works best.

:) Quickie build this week.

'Tumbled Requests'

First few requests of the year to mark the occasion.
David Wynne seemed to be keen on ‘HYPERGIIIIIIIIIIIRL’, the protagonist of his on-going comic.
Ian Sharman desired Stephanie Brown Batgirl.
Lastly, my bud ~MechaBuggy was keen on either a ‘third bot for Portal 2 multiplayer’ or one of his own characters (she was awesome, dude, but I chose the first option).