aight. so I have some explaining to do before y’all jump into my inbox.

So during my current stream, I hallucinated again but he seemed really really longing this time. He got a little aggressive but in the end he started crying. I used the tactic last night and he was tearing up while strangling me and let go in the end actually. -now even his hallucination is crying.

Then my brain made him actually have a conversation with him and explained it all properly, like this;

I was made to be a horrible character and I was doing my job. I thought I made you happy when I was doing my best at being the character I’m supposed to be but then you blamed me for a lot of things and started hating me as a whole. When you incorporated others to your new world you left me behind and I felt abandoned because all I was doing was being the character you made me to be.

So that sort of hit me hard and now that I think about it, he is actually right. Vendetta and him ain’t the same at all. Like, at all. He ain’t in piece and my subconscious will keep on reminding me of that.

So..I brought him into the Pilot realm. As in, him him. Vince.

DRAW YOURSELF AS A MARIO KART RACER!!!!!!!!!!! are u a plumber or a koopa or a toad or a bowser or a shyguy OR WHATEVER THE CHOICES ARE ALL WONDERFUL IN THE MARIO WORLD

originally i was just gonna bring back the “draw yourself as a bowser/koopaling” art meme but i wanted to give karts an option and also not cage people with design choices outside of “mario universe design”

maybe not even draw a kart and just doodle yourself as a character from the mario world cause not everyone likes to draw cars!!!! just have fun

i guess tag it as “tumblr kart” or something cause i wanna see what people come up with

I know
you used to get punished
for speaking. 

Quiet nods
stifled whimpers
were all
they knew
about you.

You were silenced
with clenched fists
words that somehow
managed to hurt even more.

But you,
you have always been
and wildfires, 
so very beautiful 

Your words 
could move mountains, 
the tip of your tongue 
could shake the whole world, 

So speak up. 
Tell them.
Tell them how many years it has been
Tell them how it still hurts, 
how it never really stopped 
Never let them silence you again

—  Milla S.