DRAW YOURSELF AS A MARIO KART RACER!!!!!!!!!!! are u a plumber or a koopa or a toad or a bowser or a shyguy OR WHATEVER THE CHOICES ARE ALL WONDERFUL IN THE MARIO WORLD

originally i was just gonna bring back the “draw yourself as a bowser/koopaling” art meme but i wanted to give karts an option and also not cage people with design choices outside of “mario universe design”

maybe not even draw a kart and just doodle yourself as a character from the mario world cause not everyone likes to draw cars!!!! just have fun

i guess tag it as “tumblr kart” or something cause i wanna see what people come up with

A kind of different SasuSaku Pregnant-Drabble

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: Sasuke tells Sakura he doesn’t want any descendants. Two days later she finds out she’s pregnant. 

Genre: kinda angst & hurt, somewhat fluff, drama

Words: 2981, Oneshot/Drabble

She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it. With wide eyes she stared onto that little thing in her hand.

Sitting on the closed toilet seat in the bathroom of their little apartment sheshook her head.
Two days ago. She thought.
Just two days ago he had talked to her about exactly that.

She still couldn’t believe this was happening. Still shaking her head she slowly looked up to the little but glaring lamp at the ceiling.
Tears burned in her eyes, making them look like broken glass. No. She was not going to cry now. Angry with herself she closed them and threw that little something at the opposite wall. Hoping that would change the fact, which she knew couldn’t be changed that easily.

Two damn days ago. She thought again. She ran her hand desperately through her pastel pink hair, which jauntily framed her breaking face.

“Sakura.” His deep and rasping voice sounded as easy as always. Two emeralds looked up behind a red book and met his mismatched eyes. It was Sunday and they were home.

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