Banshee: Beating The Odds

If you’re intrigued to hear “strong music by strong people who are doing it for the right reasons” then you better get on your computer (or whatever it is that you use for looking up rad music) and search up, Banshee. This local Edmonton band merges their “signature sludgey, post punk sound” with honest lyrics that stem from feelings of “fear, guilt, shame and regret”. Banshee creates music that is from the heart and that pushes the boundaries on what it means to be part of an inclusive scene that was once dominated by oppressive people. One of their band members, Jackie, says that their music’s “ongoing theme is this circular ‘feeling shitty about feeling so shitty” idea and that “playing together is the way out of the hole”. All three members of Banshee, Jackie Nuc, Stacey Hyde, and David Leicht, were part of this past winter’s debut music festival for women, queer, trans, and non-binary people; called Not Enough Fest. This festival was created to allow a usually oppressed minority within Edmonton’s music scene, to flourish in bands made on the pretenses of allowing everyone and anyone to take part and enjoy the music they create. With the engagement of Banshee in such a wonderful festival, one could imagine why a band that is “like a dark catharsis”, has songs that come out so “[inspired], hopeful and heavy”.

Lately Banshee has been up to a whole handful of exciting things; firstly they will be playing a show this Thursday (Apr 2nd) at The Common, with another great Edmonton band, Switches. Secondly, is the release of their new EP titled Take Up Space. They will also be playing a show on May 9th at Wunderbar to accompany their album release on the same day (available on vinyl and digital download). Lastly, Stacey says that they are “excited” to go on a tour of Western Canada at the beginning of August, and that Banshee will be recording another new EP this summer.

If you’d like to learn more about Banshee and their music check them out on Bandcamp or Facebook. 

By Diana Olexin


my song “Spring Break” has a video now

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