The entire concept of Rapture is terrifying

It’s that time again people: Saturday Stream Night.

Splatter will not be here tonight due to poor health and computer not running well and near it’s end. So, if anyone would like to just donate to computer repairs, Splatter will use those monies next Saturday or when next in stream to down what ever people have paid for.

Example: Pay 30 for tonight, Splatter downs a bottle next Saturday. But that is only if you tip that, you can also just donate for the hell of it. Just make sure to write that down in the donation tab.

To further encourage donations kaladis-artist will be doing “commissions” based on how much people donate.

Price ranges are $5-$20
$5 - Goofy Doodle 
$10 - Headshot Sketch
$20 - Waist Up Sketch.

Examples of her work can be found here. Just be sure to include what it is that you want in your donation message!

For six hours straight, Muay Thai had been sitting on that one spot outside his house, on his only pillow. He sat in a meditating position, focusing on acknowledging his thoughts and letting them fly away. The only other things he focused on were breathing, and becoming in sync with his body. He felt every movement, every twitch. At this point, after six entire hours, Muay could feel the blood pump through every vein in his body. He was hypersensitive in this state.

He had no intentions of stopping anytime soon, either. He hasn’t eaten in about eighteen hours, and he didnt seem to notice. His hunger was just another thing to observe and ignore. He had to become stronger, no matter what, no more distractions!

yeeeeeh zephy is drawing again! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑