Isn't she lovely?? --OPEN--

Date: Wednesday August 27, 2014

Location: St. Andrew’s Private School

Occasion: Winter Formal

Person of Interest: Yumi Konno

|8:00 AM| the alarm blared on the oak nightstand next to the spring loaded bunk bed of Yumi’s dorm. Welcoming the hissing of the clock with a groan and a fist she shut it off and stood up; whatever happens to her sleep wear when she is in bed is starting to get annoying considering they keep disappearing and she constantly is awake in hot pink sport shorts and bunny slippers. That’s. It.
“My god! Ghost get you again?” Zachary asked looking up at her, coming at 2’3 and weighing 4 ounces is her cater-pillow Zachary, or Z as she likes to call him
“No…. I think… Yes…” She groaned picking him up and holding him against her bare torso “I hate this place…”
“Well,” he started looking at her dull grey eyes, “if I were you I would pack my things and hit the streets! Go to your boyfriends house, what’s his name again? Monu…kuma?” He asked
A flash of anger and fear struck the young woman as she stuffed him under the mattress and got up and stomped to her wardrobe, slipping into her black suit her mother gave her, she fixed the hat and walked to the door.
“He’s not my boyfriend…anymore.”
|9:00 AM| the snow was cold but welcoming, however it didn’t really mix well with the cliffs just a few meters away from the walls of the school. But the cold ocean wind and the touch of the snow made her at ease, not even bothering to get ready for tonight, she knew no one cared about her in that fashion, if someone did they would have to be on everything or just plain crazy. She was the tallest and oldest student at the school… But this place wasn’t a school to her, it was like what Z said, she should try to escape, she has come so close to being able to, and yet, not doing it out of fear she might get hurt severely.
“I hate this place…” She muttered.
|10:00 AM| the halls were filled with dust and nothingness, every student was either at home or shopping for this dance, despite seeing the same faces for years, she has gotten to know quite a bit about some people, for instance:
“Zachary,” she muttered “utterly useless and yet necessary. Brittany Smith, utterly useless and smarter than me at physics. Jason Greene, utterly useless and yet better then me at arm wrestling. Kyle Dorr- nevermind….”
|11:00 AM| “ugh, I hate this place…” She muttered yet again as she stood in the cafeteria among the other students, some in the middle of getting something done, nails, hair, their faces, bodies, “as if any of them would even come close to getting it tonight.”
She glared across the room as some shook slightly when they noticed her stare and others ignored her, others, like Brittany, stared back in hopes of trying to scare her, which usually ended in a near hospitalized beating, if any of the nuns didn’t come at the screech of a chair.
“I hate this place…” She muttered


Comedy Bang Bang Episode 225: Super Chums 
Hey kiddos! Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam and Paul Brittain make their first time Comedy Bang Bang appearance! They let us know what is was like being office mates at SNL, the difference between an accent & a dialect, and give us a refresher on the sci-fi action film Demolition Man. Then musicians Mark Johnson Sr. & Lon Smudge drop by to share their amazing tale of rockin’ wool to rock ‘n’ roll and sing some of their classic dad rock tunes!


YEEEEEEY, the most decent thing that came out as opening. isn’t much thing, but </3.

Animation: marlendesu (me)

DS: pole-bear

Voices: ????