Aranda\Lasch and Casey Reas
"Primitives (This Could be an Extraordinary Find)", 2013
steel, plexiglass, LEDs, microcontrollers
27 x 32 x 24” / 68.6 x 81.3 x 61 cm
series of 3, 1 AP

Evoking the atmosphere of a research station of communications hub, light pulsates within mirrored cavities. The sculpture’s three-dimensionality continually dissolves and reappears as the geometric surface reacts to emitted light. The illuminated patterns are transmitted and distorted across the network, as the light bounces to create infinite spatial configurations. This collaborative project furthers ideas generated by Aranda\Lasch and Reas on their 2012 set design for Yeasayer.

  • O.N.E.
  • Yeasayer
  • Odd Blood

Yeasayer - O.N.E.

random song I had stuck in my head this morning.

But I thought you should know
You don’t move me anymore
And I’m glad that you don’t
Because I can’t take it anymore


Yeasayer - Don’t Come Close

So I picked up GTAV along with 99% of the rest of humanity and wow gosh I am rreeaaally into it.
As predicted I spend much of my time coasting down the highway listening to Radio Mirror Park/FlyLo FM being berated by the DJs for being hipster scum (they’re not wrong). This track is naturally a fave of mine, with the added bonus of finding the thought of Trevor driving around listening to Yeasayer hilariously charming